Paris police asked for DNA in alleged attack on Toronto tourist

More than a year after a Toronto woman alleged she was raped at the Paris police headquarters1, more than 100 officers and staff have been asked to give DNA samples to aid in the ongoing investigation.

The three-day investigative operation is among the last steps of the probe into the Canadian tourist s claims she was raped by more than one officer. It has prompted indignation from the officers union, which is calling the demand for DNA scandalous.

The alleged victim, 35, is the daughter of a Toronto police officer. She spoke to the Star2 on the condition she be identified by only her first name, Emily.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, three DNA traces were found on the woman s underwear: two belonging to officers who are currently under investigation, and a third that has not been identified.

The call for officer DNA, issued Thursday morning, is an attempt to identify the third DNA sample.

The police union called the operation being conducted by internal affairs investigators vexatious.

(It) discredits our prestigious services and stigmatizes once again the police at (Paris police headquarters) 36 Quai des Orf vres, who continue to safeguard the security of our citizens, Synergie-Officiers said in a statement. Who benefits from the excessive media coverage of such a superfluous operation?

Within days of the alleged assault, four officers were taken custody for questioning, and two unnamed officers are now the subject of investigation for what s called viol en r union, the legal term in France for gang rape. A third officer is considered a person of interest in the case.

Emily told the Star last year that she was in France on what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation in April, 2014. She was with a long-time friend for a week-long stay.

The alleged attack occurred on the morning of April 23, 2014, after Emily met a group of 10 off-duty officers inside a bar near her hotel and police headquarters, the Galway Irish Pub. She was alone in the bar when she began chatting with the officers, and says that a couple of them offered to show her around their headquarters, a historic building that often appears in books and film.

She declined to discuss any events that followed. But a source close to the investigation told the Star last year3 that the woman told French investigators she was brought into the headquarters just after midnight, poured a large glass of scotch inside one policeman s office, and then assaulted by at least two officers inside two different rooms.

The source said that shortly after the alleged assault, the woman travelled with investigators from police headquarters to two other stations. At one, she was interviewed by officers from the police force s investigation unit, which probes incidents involving police.

Thirteen hours after the alleged assault, a doctor administered a rape kit, the source said.

During last year s interview, Emily said she wanted to send a message to other about sexual assault: The minute you say no, it means no.

That is one of my biggest messages, is that it s not our fault, it doesn t matter what you wear, how you dress, she said.


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