Scots teenager dies from suspected ecstasy overdose in Ibiza holiday tragedy

A SCOTTISH teenager has died from a suspected ecstasy overdose in Ibiza. The dead girl is understood to be Danielle McCallum, 18, from Greenock1, Renfrewshire. Last week she posted on social media that she was holidaying in Ibiza.

Today, friends and family posted messages of heartbreak on Facebook2. One family member wrote: Today has taught me to appreciate everything i have, got the best mates and family in the world.

Strongest people i know and a love every single one of them, what a horrible day! Another wrote: Devastated doesn t even explain how I m feeling right now man just so empty inside.

Danielle died in intensive care at the island s Can Misses Hospital early yesterday morning. She had been rushed to the hospital two hours earlier from a health clinic near to the hotel she was staying in in the party resort of San Antonio. She was in a critical condition when she arrived and suffered heart failure shortly after being admitted.

A female friend reportedly told doctors she had taken several ecstasy tablets3 over the weekend in San Antonio.

JanManu/Wikipedia Scots Teenager Dies From Suspected Ecstasy Overdose In Ibiza <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Tragedy The town of San Antonio on Ibiza is a party destination

An autopsy is due to take place later today to try to determine whether her death was caused by drugs. The post-mortem is expected to yield only partial answers. Tissue samples will be sent to a specialist lab in Barcelona so a comprehensive study can take place. Civil Guard officers have already launched an investigation and will file a report to an investigating judge tasked with a full judicial probe into the case.

A spokesman for Can Misses Hospital said today: “I can confirm an 18-year-old British woman was admitted to Can Misses Hospital at 4am on Tuesday followed suspected MDMA consumption.

“She was admitted to the hospital intensive care unit in a critical condition and two hours later died from heart failure.”

Sources close to the case said she had been rushed to the hospital from a health clinic in San Antonio where friends had told medics she had taken ecstasy in the run-up to the weekend and felt ill in the following hours and days but had not sought immediate medical attention. A doctor is understood to have seen her at the unnamed hotel she was staying at before getting her admitted to the private health centre where she was first treated. A spokesman for the Guardia Civil said: “An investigation is underway.”

Police sources said: “Everything at this stage is pointing to the British woman’s death being drugs-related.”

The 18-year-old had last week posted a picture of an injury picked up while in Ibiza and warned others: Stay aft at drink kids”. She said: I don t even know where the picture was taken.

Scots Teenager Dies From Suspected Ecstasy Overdose In Ibiza <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Tragedy Danielle McCallum posted a pic of her eye injury last week

On a recent night out in Ibiza she also complained on Facebook of being stranded with no money and no shoes. A Foreign Office spokesman said today: We are in contact with local authorities in Ibiza following the death of a British national on September 22.

We have met with the family and will continue to provide support at this difficult time. Brit mechanic Alan Drennan s death in July was blamed locally on a drug overdose.

The 21-year-old from Newtownabbey, Country Antrim, was found dead in his hotel room in San Antonio on July 19, less than 24 hours after arriving on the island. A respected local paper said Alan s preliminary autopsy showed the initial or fundamental cause of death was intoxication from toxins. Friends and family have accused authorities on the island of a cover-up and Alan s friends later reported he told them he had been beaten up by Spanish police in the airport.

A second examination in Dublin confirmed Alan had suffered injuries to his face and head. Civil Guard officers deny any wrongdoing. His family is still awaiting the results of more tests.

His heartbroken parents Alan and Verona last month issued a plea to young people travelling abroad to be careful. He said: Be careful about everything from where you re going to what you have to drink.

Young people have to live and they have to have fun, but they need to look after themselves and each other.

I ask everyone of you now, please do everything in your power to prevent another tragedy happening, like the one that happened to our son. The death of Brit tourist Andrew Watson in June in San Antonio was also linked to drugs.

Scots Teenager Dies From Suspected Ecstasy Overdose In Ibiza <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Tragedy Andrew Watson who died on stag do in Ibiza.

The 32-year-old, from Newcastle, was found on the floor of his room at the Piscis Park Hotel on June 8. Pals later raised more than 7,000 to fly his body home as he did not have travel insurance. San Antonio was one of the two resorts British police patrolled during a two-week trial scheme in August.

Two West Midlands Police officers spent a week in Magaluf on neighbouring Majorca before flying to Ibiza. The trial was criticised after it emerged the pair only worked during the day and did not patrol at night when most holidaymakers in the resorts go out on the lash. It later emerged they had been out and and about in Magaluf at night with Spanish cops – although undercover and not in uniform.


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