Shocking moment British tourist is robbed of a £25,000 watch as he steps out of a taxi in Naples… and stands dumbfounded as the thief runs off

  • The tourist was getting out of the taxi at his hotel when he was mugged
  • Man was filmed grabbing the watch before vaulting the nearby hedge
  • But police managed to track him down and jail him despite his disguise




The shocking moment a British tourist had a 25,000 watch ripped from his wrist as he stepped out of a taxi in Naples has been caught on camera. The tourist could do little but stand and stare as the brazen thief approached the taxi, parked outside the Brit’s hotel, and took the timepiece, said to be Swiss luxury brand Hublot. The man – wearing a helmet to conceal his identity – is then seen to vault across the hedge.

Fast: Within seconds of the British tourist getting out of the taxi the mugger had got hold of the watch

Dumbfounded: The man could do little but stare as the mugger jumped over the fence and onto a moped

But while the CCTV footage of the incident may seem to suggest the it was a quick and easy getaway, the reality was quite different for this mugger.

The video was enough for the police to trace the robber, despite the fact he was almost entirely covered up. According to TGCOM241, the police traced the man – who was known to them – back to his house, where they found the offending helmet and the clothes he was wearing. The 33-year-old was later sentenced to time in prison.

It was revealed the tourist had been followed by the man and his accomplice, who must have spotted the expensive watch on his wrist. On the trail: Police believe the robber and his accomplice had followed the taxi to the hotel

Mistake: But when he ran away, his helmet fell off slightly – which meant police could identify him

But sadly the British man has yet to get it back, as police are still hunting for the second man, and the timepiece. Naples – a city better known for its link to the mafia – does have a problem with petty crime, especially at the central train station, Centro Storico, Quartieri Spagnoli, and other tourist sites.

While the Foreign Office does not have specific information for those visiting Naples, the American equivalent – which gives the city a crime rating of ‘medium’ – recommends tourists remain vigilant.


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