Teach Aisling, Malin Head – A review

Teach Aisling, Malin Head – A Review

Teach Aisling, Malin Head, Donegal

On our first Discount Holidays © holiday this year, in July 2015, we rented a self-catering cottage in the Malin Head area of the Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal called Teach Aisling1 from the owner, Christina. We paid ‘ 550.00 per week for a fairly typical chalet bungalow, which I felt was over priced considering the unique Teach Aisling2 experience !! We are no strangers to the area, being regular visitors at a friend s home in Malin Head and in fact I grew up up less than ten miles from Greencastle, Inishowen. It is our favourite part of Ireland due to the solitude (after the hustle and bustle of City Living and working overseas at times), beautiful beaches and basically basing each day around our kids.

The Pros and Cons of Teach Aisling

Unfortunately, we were appalled when the owner promptly:

  1. Moved some of her relatives into part of the house that we had rented!
  2. Advised us not to use the heat too much
  3. Then soon discovered that the photographs of Teach Aisling3 were misleading and we appeared to be living in a lane totally surrounded by Christina s or her relatives homes!
  4. On arrival there was no gas for cooking, although to be fair the gas bottle that fed the cooker was promptly replaced
  5. Although Malin Head is beautiful, the living arrangements in Teach Aisling made it seem claustrophobic
  6. Although Sky TV is advertised, there was only about 5 channels worth watching when the weather was poor those with even an IQ of 50+ and they were the News channels

To be fair, the owner, Christina, appeared to be a pleasant young girl and helpful on arrival. She did let me use her little dongle at night, to access the Internet to watch Netflix. However, I did perceive that the owner s attitude changed when she noticed my IRSP / Socialist tattoos. Again, for such a young woman, many would admire her Gombeen ethic but personally we will never stay there again and we will be advising friends and family to avoid Teach Aisling4 due to our experience.

Overall, we would give Teach Aisling5 an overall score of 3 out of 10 and I think that is being very generous

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