Terrifying CCTV footage shows female tourist being stalked before being attacked as she walks through Indian streets at night…and only saved when a…

  • Female tourist was followed and then attacked as she strolled down street
  • Perpetrator grabbed her head and attacked her in possible sexual assault
  • He then repeatedly struck the helpless Uzbek tourist in sickening incident
  • He was chased by a group of boys who witnessed the shocking attack




This shocking CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment a female tourist was stalked and then attacked as she strolled through an Indian street at night. The horrifying video shows the man trailing the Uzbek woman, who was wearing a tight dress and chatting on her mobile phone. As her crept up on her, he violently grabbed her head and then attacked her in a possible sexual assault.

The woman is seen chatting on her mobile phone as the man in the white shirt keeps a close eye on her

She continues to walk down the road and still on her phone, but her attacker is close behind

This disturbing footage shows the man coming up behind the female tourist in the dress

In a sickening attack, he then grabbed her by the head and forced her mobile phone from her hand

He then continued to attack her and pushed her back into a line of parked cars on the dark street in a possible sexual assault

He then attacked her and as she cowered away he continued to lash out at her.

After repeatedly striking the helpless tourist, he then fled on foot down the dark street. Unbeknown to him, his sickening attack had been witnessed by a group of boys known as the ‘Malviya Nagar Maniacs’. As he ran off, the boys who had been playing football in the park jumped over the walls and chased after him.

One of the group, Sarthak Sharma, told the Times of India1: ‘We were playing in the park when we heard a scream. We rushed towards the sound. We saw a foreigner, who was all teary, and then a man running towards Apeejay School. We sensed something was wrong.’

His friend Japneet added: ‘We were discussing where he could have gone when we saw him hiding behind a car. As we approached near him, he confidently came out as if he hadn’t done anything. But we recognised him.’

The boys then dragged him from the school to the same spot where he had carried out the attack and called the police. The man was then chased by a group of boys who had witnessed the incident and dashed down the road

The boys, who had been playing football, jumped over the wall and then sprinted after the attacker

The Uzbek woman, who had been staying with her friend in Malviya Nagar in south Delhi, has now said she wants to return to her homeland after the attack.

Her friend said: ‘She is scared and doesn’t want to step out alone after dusk. She has asked me to get her tickets booked for Uzbekistan. It was her first visit to India and I am embarrassed by what happened to her.’

The Uzbek woman wants to return to her homeland after the shocking attack on her first visit to India

The attack is the latest in a series where foreign woman travelling in India have been targeted.

Only yesterday it was reported an American tourist had been gang-raped in northern Delhi. The 46-year-old Californian woman had travelled alone to Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama when two men grabbed hold of her in the town’s main market. She then passed out but on regaining consciousness said she became aware she had been raped by the pair.

Earlier this month, three men were jailed for the rape of a 19-year-old Japanese woman in the city of Jaipur, in the western state of Rajasthan. They included a guide who had befriended the tourist then drugged and raped her. Five men are facing trial for the rape of another Japanese tourist in east India earlier this year, one of several such cases reported to police in Kolkata.

Six men are also on trial accused of the gang-rape of a Danish tourist in Delhi last year. More than 132,000 cases of sexual violence against women were reported in the country of 1.3 billion in 2014, according to official data. This is despite India introducing tougher laws against sex offenders in the wake of the fatal gang-rape of a student in Delhi in December 2012 that sparked mass street protests and international outrage.


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