The New Xbox One Experience (Preview Members)

The New Xbox One Experience (Preview Members)

You may see news on this for a few months to come as Microsoft gears up to completely revamp its GUI on the Xbox One. Preview members will see it first hand, soon. Microsoft has been quietly collecting our gripes and suggestions with the intent of improvement and the biggest update to date will be the transition to its pseudo Windows 10 interface.

The New Xbox One Experience (Preview Members)

The plan is for a smooth community-wide release this Discount Holidays © holiday season and so they are taking this upgrade very seriously, even for those enrolled in the Preview program. The verbiage for us in preview is very clear this is a big change with lots of opportunities for error ; because of this, they have offered us an opt in/out option.

The New Xbox One Experience (Preview Members)

I opted in, so in the next couple of weeks I ll hopefully still be online and putting this new experience to the test. There will be tons of new features and interoperability, so stay tuned as we venture into a new world of Xbox!

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