The Stack Station: ‘Holiday Inn’ Express Offers Pancake Selfies in Los Angeles

The Stack Station: '<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Inn' Express Offers Pancake Selfies In Los Angeles

Pancakes are a breakfast staple, but these light and fluffy heart-shaped ones, drizzled in berries and warm maple syrup, make a delicious dessert too. (Photo : Instagram)

The Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express brand is trying to embrace social media and breakfast food. They first decided to up their pancake game and had an all-day breakfast menu so you can enjoy pancakes even late at night. Now, they have invented something quite remarkable with their pancakes. The hotel brand has created a pancake maker that prints your selfies on the pancakes. Yes, you will be eating your own face on the pancakes.

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According to Foodbeast2, Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express has made their little pancake maker available late at night last month. The one touch pancake takes less than a minute to make several pancakes, so if you want to have a pancake party, you can have as much as 400 pancakes a night. The hotel made the machine available 8 p.m. onwards until the end of August. This pancake maker is usually used only during breakfast.

However, this month they have invented much more amazing than their pancake maker. They have a pancake maker that can print selfies on the pancakes. Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express has been driving across the country in a food truck letting people take selfies and print them on the pancakes for them to eat. The truck is going on a nine-city tour across the country and residents can take a picture of themselves and have it printed for free. Their cool pancake maker has the ability to transfer the picture to the pancakes.

It has a laser that tattoos your selfies and in a few minutes it gives you pictures of your faces on the cakes. As reported in ABC3, their one-touch pancake machine called “The Stack Station” will be stationed in Los Angeles this Thursday. The whole concept of the “Pancake Selife Express” came from the company’s Creative Director, Rob Riggle who is also an actor and a comedian. The comedian is famous with his role in 21 Jump Street. So what do you think of “The Stack Station”? Will you eat your own face? Leave your thoughts below.

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