The top five cycling videos of the week: TT rider hits wheelchair, world’s fastest bike and more

Here’s this week’s top video picks

The Top Five Cycling Videos Of The Week: TT Rider Hits Wheelchair, World’s Fastest Bike And More

Headcams, smart phones and professional cameras: all throw up some gems when it comes to cycling footage. This week s selection of cycling videos is particularly varied including a collision with a wheelchair, a mountain biker riding a slackline and plenty more besides.

Time trial rider collides with wheelchair

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As can be seen from the footage, thankfully the wheelchair is unoccupied. The rider uploaded the video themselves so presumably they weren t too badly injured by this very strange occurrence.

It s all about finding the perfect balance

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A highly stylised MTB video here, but one that is well worth any cycling fan s time. This video featured on our sister site earlier this week1 but even us roadies can be in awe of this one. If you re really pushed for time, though, the slacklining kicks off from 2:27.

New fastest ever bicycle

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A new record was set at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge when the AeroVelo Eta bike reached 85.71 mph2. The Canadian team then managed faster times of 86.6 and 86.65mph in the days that followed. From an engineering point of it s interesting to note that the shell reportedly produces 100 times less drag than a modern car.

What s more, the pilot navigates using a small screen within the cockpit rather than having direct sight of where the pod is going.

Get behind the scenes with Team Wiggins

For the latest outing of our secrets of the toolbox series3, we caught up with Martyn Ashfield from Team Wiggins. The experienced mechanic details how much he enjoys being part of the support crew and seeing young riders coming through the ranks.

Van passes cyclist, hits stationary car

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We featured this one on the site earlier this week4, and admittedly it s actually from August, but it s worth another look. It would been interesting to know what was going on in the cab of the van for this to have happened.


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