The top six cycling videos of the week: spectator saves the day, confusion in Canada and more

Here’s our selection of this week’s best cycling videos

The Top Six Cycling Videos Of The Week: Spectator Saves The Day, Confusion In Canada And More

Live coverage, smart phone wielding spectators and social media all mean that footage of races and incidents on two wheels come to the public s attention far sooner than ever before, and reach a wider audience too. For this outing of cycling videos of the week we ve got a spectator saving the day, a red light jumper learning a quick lesson for his own stupidity, a mountain biker riding down a dam (really) and plenty more. Here they all are. Have we missed any?

Lightning fast spectator saves peloton

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A well placed and quick thinking spectator at the GP de Fourmies in France last Sunday prevented what could have been a nasty pile-up. A rider in the breakaway crashed and despite scrambling to safety his bike was left in the middle of the road and in front of a fast approaching peloton. The spectator darted out, grabbed the bike and hurled himself out the way1 just in the nick of time.

Cyclist runs red light, has lucky escape

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Here we see a rider having a lucky escape, and a timely reminder of why you should wait, when they ride into the side of a car after running a red light. They look to be unharmed, thankfully.

Stay on course, win the race. Simple

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Lasse Norman Hansen (Cannondale-Garmin2) was away solo at the Tour of Alberta when confusion struck the chasing peloton. Hansen followed the correct course, but the rest of the field missed a turn on the final circuit3. As a result, the young Dane was awarded the victory which his advantage over the field would likely have earned him anyway.

There s plenty left to race at the Tour of Britain

In our essential guide to the Tour of Britain4 we look at the stages that could make or break a rider s overall ambitions5. The race may be well underway, but there could still be a GC shake-up and the final stage will be the big one for the sprinters.

Learn all about training zones

Now a common training feature for anyone who wants to get serious about their cycling, training zones don t need to be as complicated as they might seem. In this Cycling Weekly training6 video we explain what each zone means and how you might use them to improve as a cyclist.

Do not try this on a road bike. Or any bike for that matter

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All the best footage doesn t necessarily come from road and utility cycling, and this video shows. Featured on sister-site, this is one to watch but not imitate.

It does look quite fun though.


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