‘They are holding my father to ransom’: Turkish hospital refuses to release body of British tourist until his family settle £25,000 bill for three…

  • Ray Kippin suffered a heart attack while on Discount Holidays © holiday with his wife in Turkey
  • 53-year-old spent three days in intensive care before he passed away
  • Family left with the bill due to an error on his travel insurance forms
  • Hospital won’t release Mr Kippin’s body until their invoice has been settled




A Turkish hospital has refused to release the body of a British tourist for funeral until his family settle his 25,000 treatment bill. Ray Kippin had taken out travel insurance before the trip but it was void after he had wrongly put down the date of an operation to fit a stent to his heart. Now the private Turkish hospital where he was treated has told the 53-year-old’s grieving family they need to settle his 25,000 treatment bill before they will release his body. They also need a further 4,000 to cover the repatriation of his body.

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Treasured memory: Danielle Knight, 31, being walked down the aisle by her father Ray Kippin in June this year

Mr Kippin’s devastated daughter, Danielle Knight, said: ‘ ‘It feels like they are holding my father to ransom.’

‘I understand that they are a business and need to make money, but surely they could show some compassion or offer us a payment plan.

‘But no, they are not willing to help.’

Mr Kippin of Bromley, Kent, had undergone the operation in July, just weeks after he had proudly walked his daughter down the aisle.

‘He had booked the Discount Holidays © holiday months before and after the operation he said he was feeling fantastic,’ said the supermarket worker from Catford, south east London.

‘He felt well and there appeared to be no reason why he couldn’t go on the holiday.’

Mr Kippin and wife Diane, 63, jetted out for a two-week break at the Alba Royal Hotel in Antalya, Turkey. They were 10 days into the break when he collapsed after suffering a heart attack by the swimming pool on August 21. Fellow holidaymakers and the resorts doctor worked on him for 25 minutes before an ambulance arrived to take him to the Anadolu Hospital in Side Bulvan, where he was placed in a medically induced coma.

Mr Kippin was staying at the Alba Royal Hotel when he collapsed at the pool after suffering a heart attack

Mrs Knight said she ‘felt sick’ after learning her father’s travel insurance had been void

Mother-of-three Mrs Knight and her husband, Lee, 31, flew out to Turkey after learning that her father was in intensive care and gravely ill. He died on July 26. It was after the shattered family returned home that they learned Mr Kippin had made an error on the travel insurance form.

‘I just felt sick as soon as they told me,’ said Mrs Knight.

‘Apparently he had put down that he had the stent fitted to his artery in June instead of July.

‘They then outlined the bill and I just felt completely alone and helpless.

‘It’s harrowing to know that my father is over their all alone,’ said the supermarket worker. Pictured: Mrs Knight helping her father with his tie on her big day, left, and her proud father watching exchange vows

‘We have modest jobs and we live in a council house.

We do not have cars that we can sell or anything like that.

‘Nobody is really grieving for my father due to the stress and worry we are facing.

‘I wake up every morning with a lump in my throat and know I should be crying for my Dad, but I am just so worried about how we are going to get him home.’

Mrs Knight revealed that due to differences with embalming lawyer in Turkey when her father does eventually return home his family will not be able to view his body.

An international funeral director, who is helping the family has assisted them with setting up a Crowd Funding page1 in a bid to get Mr Kippin home.

‘It is harrowing to know my father is over there all alone and we cannot probably lay him to rest,’ said Mrs Knight.

‘It is an absolute nightmare.We are desperate and need help.’

A spokesman for the Post Office said that they were unable to comment on individual cases.


  1. ^ Crowd Funding page (crowdfunding.justgiving.com)

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