Tourist plunges to his death down steep Thai waterfall in notorious danger-spot

  • Man has been named as 24-year-old Florian Bourdla from France
  • He fell while trekking by the waterfall with friend Jeremy Marratche
  • Thai police have said the area has had a number of accidents previously




A French tourist has died after falling down a waterfall in the tourist hotspot of Koh Samui. The man has been named as 24-year-old Florian Bourdla, who was trekking a notoriously dangerous path along with friend Jeremy Marratche, 22. The pair were found by police and rescue teams on the rocks near the base of the Na Muang Song waterfall.

A local guide was alerted to the terrible incident be hearing screams at the waterfall

Bourdla was pronounced dead at the scene, while Marratche was taken to Bangkok Hospital Samui where he suffered broken bones in his wrist, rib cage, arms and hip, reports Thai Visa2. It is believed rescue workers took more than two hours to find the pair, such was the danger and complexity of the rock-face.

Khaosod English3 reports that a local guide, Sommai Himthong, called the police after he heard loud screams coming from the waterfall. After walking to the scene, he found five tourists, who told him that one of the group had slipped and fallen.

The island of Koh Samui is a popular tourist spot, with beautiful beaches and rocky treks

Police have said that the area has a history of tourists having accidents when exploring. The visit Koh Samui4 website explains that Namtok Na Muang, or Purple Waterfalls , are so named because of the striking purple shade of their rock faces. It says: ‘Visitors with a reasonable level of fitness will be able to reach the falls on foot.

‘The paths leading to the falls can be steep or slippery in places so be sure to wear some sturdy footwear and take care when walking.’

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