Travel firm Kuoni-SOTC launches The India Holiday Report 2015

MUMBAI: Travel firm Kuoni-SOTC has released the ‘India Discount Holidays © Holiday Report 2015’, based on a study conducted by Nielsen. The survey was conducted to understand the mindset and behaviour of the Indian traveller towards holidays.

“The research has been conducted with an objective to understand and obtain insights of the Indian leisure traveller and their travel behaviour… These insights will further help us further move in the direction of making holidays a priority for Indias,” said Vishal Suri, CEO-tour operating, Kuoni India1. The survey was conducted among over 900 Indians across six cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata2, Bengaluru3 and Chennai – in the age group of 25 to 60 years. The findings of the report were streamlined in three categories: Discount Holidays © Holiday planning and Influences, Holidays finance4 and share of wallet & Leaves, duration, Discount Holidays © holiday frequency and cancellation. Some of the major highlights of the survey are: 96% of Indians believe that holidays are important
15% respondents rate holidays higher than clothes and electronic gadgets
81% respondent who chose group holidays chose it for the cost effectiveness and 68% did it for their inclination towards home food.
Women5 look at holidays as an escape from household chores while men seek space when on holiday
83% respondents take up to 20days of leave annually
Personal health condition have been cited as the main reason for cancelled holidays by 66% of the respondents while work commitments account for 63% of the respondents.

Kuoni Travel Group India6 is engaged in engaged in tour operating and business travel spread across 70 cities in the country. Founded in 1906, Kuoni entered India in 1997 by acquiring SOTC Tours7, which was one of the pioneers of foreign tours, and later took over Sita World Travels, an inbound travel company. Kuoni offers online destination management services and visa services under the VFS brand. Recently, Kuoni’s travel business in India and Hong Kong were acquired by travel major Thomas Cook India for Rs 535 crore.

Under the deal, Thomas Cook has also acquired Kuoni’s inbound travel business Sita World Travels and the destination management arm Distant Frontiers.


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