Woman’s horror after ‘bed bug bites’ from a stay in Wales leave her with swollen red blotches the size of TENNIS BALLS (and the hotel ‘liked’ Facebook…

  • Tracey John had booked two-night stay for family in Ibis Cardiff Gate
  • But woke after first night to discover all three of them had been bitten
  • Ms John suffered allergic reaction and had to visit A&E for treatment




A young mother’s family Discount Holidays © holiday in Wales turned into a nightmare after bites from bed bugs she said came from her hotel left her hospitalised with gigantic red blotches. Tracey John, 35, had booked a two-night stay at the Ibis Cardiff Gate hotel last month with fiancee Daniel Loo, 33, and their two-year-old son, Brandon. However they decided to check out after only one night of their break after they were attacked by bed bugs.

Ms John shows off the huge swelling on her calf after she alleges she was a victim of bed bugs at the Ibis hotel in Cardiff

Daniel Loo, fianc e Tracey John, and their two-year-old son Brandon were victims of bed bugs

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Ms John said: ‘We were really shocked to get bitten by bed bugs in a big chain hotel like Ibis. If we were backpacking in Asia then it would have been a different matter, but we were in Cardiff, just off the M4.

‘We have had an extremely uncomfortable week with the bites and I have had an allergic reaction to them which required hospital treatment, a course of antibiotics and time off work.

‘I realise that bed bugs are not necessarily a reflection of the hotel, they may have been brought in by a previous guest, however what we found inexcusable was the lack of customer service we received from the staff at the front desk.

‘I couldn’t believe what a relaxed and unconcerned response we received from the reception staff when I showed them the bites on mine and my two year old son’s legs.’

Mr Loo added: ‘When we woke up on the Sunday morning, Tracey and I had bites all over our legs and Brandon, who was in a double bed adjoining ours, had one on his foot and one on his leg.

‘They were really itchy and sore and we knew they must have been bed bugs.’

The couple went down to reception to complain and demand to be transferred to another room, but were told that as it was a Bank Holiday, the hotel was fully booked.

‘All they offered us was a free fry up breakfast while they deep cleaned the room,’ Mr Loo continued.

‘This was not acceptable and there was no way we would stay in the same bed again so we asked if we could check out, lodge a complaint and get a refund on the second night but because we had booked through Expedia we were told we had to raise it with them.’

After discovering all three members of the family had been bitten, they decided their only option was to check out and return home

The hotel did completely clean the room, but the lasting effects of the one-night stay saw the family decide not to spend another night in in

Mr Loo and Ms John, with son Brandon, called time on their planned two-day stay at the Ibis Cardiff Gate

Mr Loo said that he felt staff at the Ibis hotel did not take their complaint ‘seriously,’ and that the family decided to cut their trip short and return home to Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

‘We came home instead of spending time catching up with friends, because they had young children and we didn’t want to risk transferring them into their home,’ said Mr Loo.

It was once they returned home that Ms John’s condition worsened. She had to leave work and visit the hospital a couple of days later.

‘Tracey’s bites carried on getting more painful and swollen and it got to the point where she was having pins and needles in her legs and she was sent to A&E by her boss,’ added Mr Loo.

The family were looking forward to meeting up with friends in Wales, but found their break away cut short

‘She was given a steroid injection and a course of antibiotics to follow and sent home from work due to an allergic reaction to the bites.’

The couple emailed the two-star hotel and Expedia, who they booked the stay with, but are yet to hear anything back. When Ms John posted the photos on the Ibis Facebook page, the hotel chain ‘liked’ the post, but never contacted the mother-of-one.

‘I hope they will train their frontline staff on how to deal with this situation so that other families don’t have to go through this, said Ms John.

‘With so much competition for budget hotels we are really disappointed with how this has been handled by Ibis and a week on we are still waiting for a response to our formal complaint made directly to them. And Mr Loo added: ‘We don’t feel like this has been treated seriously at all and hope that the room was throughly treated in case another family were to stay in it and have similar problems.

‘This is not what we would have expected from a big chain of hotels like Ibis.’

A spokesperson for Ibis Hotels told MailOnline Travel: ‘We are aware of the situation at this hotel.

The safety and comfort of our guests is of upmost importance to us and we take all complaints seriously.

‘We remain in correspondence with all the relevant parties and have strong preventative measures in place across all of our hotels.’

MailOnline Travel has contacted Expedia for comment and is awaiting a response.

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