A ‘Day 1 vacation shirt’, a ‘special’ stick of deodorant and a bacon sandwich en route to the airport…

travellers reveal their top tips for getting…

  • Getting into vacation mode is tricky for those with stressful lives
  • Some people use special tricks to help them get that Discount Holidays © holiday feeling
  • They include playing a certain song while packing and buying new socks




There are few sweeter moments than the hours just before you go on holiday, with the promise of a week spent reading novels, drinking beer and lounging in the sun. But while some just need to glance at a boarding pass to feel in Discount Holidays © holiday mode, for many, shrugging off the pressures of work don’t come naturally. For the more uptight traveller, certain rituals need to be undertaken in order to properly get that vacation feeling – and some have been sharing their top tips for bringing it about.

Some people find it easy to get into vacation mode, while others need a helping hand. Tricks include wearing a special T-shirt and taking off a watch (picture posed by model)

They include using a special deodorant ahead of a strip, wearing a special Discount Holidays © holiday T-shirt on the first day and cracking open a beer at the airport. On the thread, posted on Reddit1, user el_skootro revealed that the scent from a special deodorant used on Discount Holidays © holiday tells their brain that they are no longer in work. While many were surprised that some people needed help forgetting about their day job, others volunteered a range of their own solutions.

One Reddit user revealed they have a special deodorant they use while on Discount Holidays © holiday that helps them to relax (picture posed by model)

Several of these were also based on scent, including a post by Aking14, who said: ‘I change my body wash, it has a similar effect and helps me calm down.’

Others used an item of clothing or accessory to help them make the switch. These included thumpymcwiggles, who said: ‘I have a “vacation shirt” that I wear Day 1. Helps a bunch.

‘It’s nothing audacious or anything, just a plain white linen shirt to wear in the summer.’

Duff_daddy3 agreed, saying: ‘My vacation tradition is to buy a package of new socks…They’re already packed.

‘Not too many things in this world make me feel better than a new pair of socks.’

Agzenthoth added: ‘In my case I have a few rubber wristbands that I only wear at work.

‘As soon as it’s on it’s easier for me to focus on work and as soon as it’s off it helps me leave all my stress at work.’

One user called Corporatespace revealed they use the power of music to get them to relax, saying: ‘I have a vacation track I play when leaving work to go away and when away I play it most mornings as I enjoy the sea-view.’

One person admitted they have a song that they listen to while getting ready for a trip. They also play the track during the holiday (picture posed by model)

Of course, for some, the trick to relaxation was a cold beer, which explains the big queues at the bar in British airports as early as 6am. Another user revealed that they always packed a bacon sandwich for mornings at the airport or on the ferry.

For others, booking a super early flight and staying up playing video games the night before helped them to relax on the actual day of travelling. One traveller stays up late the night before playing video games with friends, which leaves them tired for the plane journey the next day (picture posed by model)

But understandably, the best way to get into vacation mode for many came simply when they turned on the out of office and ignored emails. Greebytime said: ‘I turn off my work email so I cannot see it on my phone’.

Tambor333 agreed, saying: ‘I turn off push for my work email on my devices, turn off my work laptop(s) then I take a minimum 1 day break from answering the phone or responding to any social media.’


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