Abta 2015: Almost one in four hope to spend more on holidays

Abta 2015: Almost One In Four Hope To Spend More On Holidays

Almost one in four UK consumers expect to spend more on their holidays next year, according to research for Abta. A study of 2,000 UK adults found 23% anticipate spending more on leisure travel in 2016 than 2015, up from 20% when people were asked the same question a year ago. Almost one in five respondents (18%) said they would travel to a country they have not previously visited next year, compared with 9% last year.

Just under one quarter (23%) said they would try a new resort or city, up from 10% last year. The research, carried out by Arkenford in August, was published in Abta’s Discount Holidays © Holiday Habits Report 2015 and released at the Travel Convention in Greece. Abta chief executive Mark Tanzer said: This summer saw some very difficult conditions with the appalling terrorist attack in Tunisia and the economic and political issues around the Mediterranean.

“It’s a reflection of the resilient nature of the British holidaymaker that these events don t appear to have discouraged people from taking overseas holidays with consumer confidence continuing to return to the market as we look ahead to 2016.”

Only 15% of respondents said they would spend less money on holidays next year.

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