Calling San Francisco ‘San Fran’, standing on the left on Tube escalators and wearing ‘I love NY’ T-shirts: The things tourists do that REALLY annoy…

  • Tourists are the life blood and also the bane of many popular cities
  • Now, locals have revealed the most obvious ways visitors stand out
  • Using cash on a London bus and visiting Cheers in Boston make the list



Anyone who has even the most mediocre place of interest in their town or village has fallen victim to the tourist mob at some point. But if you live in a popular city or seaside attraction, spotting a tourist is an everyday occurrence.

Locals from popular spots from around the world have been sharing how tourists make themselves stand out in their hometown, from running up the ‘Rocky steps’ in Philadelphia to wearing ‘I Love NY’ T-shirts when visiting the Big Apple.

Locals have revealed the most obvious ways visitors stand out when visiting their home towns

Other irritating tourist traits mentioned on the thread, posted on Reddit1, include those who stand on the left of the escalator on the London Underground and others who call San Franciso ‘San Fran’.

Irritating traits of tourists inevitably gained a lot of the attention on the popular forum site, with many commenting on the speed and general fussing of visitors in busy locations.

One of these was London, with local Captain_Ramshackle saying the easiest ways to spot a tourist in the capital were: ‘They’ve got their rucksack on their front, they look scared and lost, they stop at the top and bottom of escalators and they stand on the left.’

Fellow Londoner Misha Gale added: ‘They ask a bus driver for a ticket to somewhere, and try to pay for it with a 20 note.’

Standing on the left on the London Underground escalators is a surefire way to mark yourself out as a tourist

For their friends across the Channel, the easiest way to spot a tourist had more to do with the general attitude of a person while using the public transport system.

A Parisian called Tatane-School said you can spot a non-local if they are: ‘Smiling and talking loudly in the city transportation system (buses, trains, subways).’

Using public transport in a foreign city is a terrifying experience for many though, so it is understandable that there are sometimes hitches when people take a new train or bus for the first few times.

One of the areas where tourists really don’t help themselves when trying to blend in though is their fashion sense.

For instance, in New York, visitors like to brand themselves with New York logos as soon as they arrive.

A New Yorker called Saucisse said: ‘I’ve seen it in NYC, on entire families where they’re all wearing the I heart NY logo T-shirt.

‘I just think to myself, why make yourself a target? They shine out like a beacon.’

Tourists can’t resist these ‘I Love New York’ T shirts when visiting the Big Apple

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the easiest place way to stand out is to wear a fleece, apparently.

San Franciso local Schroedingers Meerkat said: ‘They wear a brand new ‘San Francisco’ fleece because they only packed T-shirts and shorts for their trip to sunny California.’

While fellow local Elca Jones said: ‘Also, if they say “San Fran” (people here say SF).’

But in rainy Seattle and chilly Canada, it was the reverse – actually being prepared for the weather made you stand out.

A user called Dog Flu said: ‘I’m Seattle born and raised.

I can tell tourists if they use an umbrella.’

A Canadian native called Choddos said: ‘If in Western Canada they are wearing jackets in +15C conditions.’

But while public transport and clothing were the top two traits to spot if someone wasn’t a local, TV also played a major role in sniffing out the impostors.

Ex-Manchester United players Nani (left) and Edwin Van Der Sar (right) box on the steps made famous in the movie Rocky at the Philadelphia Art Museum in Philadelphia in 2010

It seems that in the 21st Century we aren’t able to stop ourselves from visiting landmarks made famous by movies or television programmes (and sometimes re-enacting scenes).

One of the most obvious of these is the steps leading to the art museum in Philadelphia that was made famous by Rocky during his training scene in the first film and four of its sequels.

Bgraz96 said: ‘I live in Philadelphia PA and the people running up the art museum steps like Rocky always makes me laugh.’

Silentkit added: ‘I think they’re kind of adorable. The Cheers bar featured in the cheers TV show

‘I used to see them every morning on my way to work, and think, “Those twelve people from Japan/The Midwest/Germany/Australia/Wherever woke up at 6am to recreate a scene from a Sylvester Stallone movie, and they’re happy about it.”

One landmark that came with a note of caution was the bar in Cheers though, which one local called Sauce advised visitors against. They said: ‘The worst: going to the “Cheers” bar.

‘It is not a recreation of the set, it’s just the bar downstairs from the opening shot on the credits.’


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