Coca-Cola truck: Could holidays be coming to Reading?

There are 77 more sleeps until Father Christmas visits all the good boys and girls in Reading1, Bracknell2 and Wokingham3, but one thing we don’t know yet is whether holidays will be coming to Reading, courtesy of Coca-Cola! The last time the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck came to town was back in 2013, with a stop off at The Oracle4 to start off the festive season. The 2015 tour dates are yet to be released, but I’m sure many people will be keeping their fingers crossed that it will head our way.

@JournoFran5 Hey, the Christmas Truck tour dates haven t been announced yet, please stay tuned to our social feeds & website for more info 🙂

Coca-Cola GB (@CocaCola_GB) October 9, 20156

Last year, the Coca-Cola truck tour made 45 stops between late November and Christmas, but sadly gave Reading residents a miss. The truck began its tour on November 28, 2014 and visited most major cities across the country including: Elgin, Manchester, Perth, Preston, Ayr, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Penrith, Caenarfon, Morcambe, Middlesborough, Wrexham, Gateshead, Scarborough, Swansea, Hull, Cardiff, Bristol, Lincoln, Birmingham, Grimsby, Gloucester, Leeds, Huddersfield, Glastonbury, Derby, Coventry, Looe, Northampton, Torquay, Milton Keynes, Pool, Havant, Luton, Burgess Hill, Norwich, Thanet, and Clacton-on-Sea before finishing its tour in London on December 23, 2014.

A bit of history

The trucks were first launched on TV in 1995, created by agency W.B. Doner for a new seasonal advertising campaign. Known as Christmas Caravans , the illuminated lorries were made more enchanting in the adverts with special effects by the world-famous Industrial Light and Magic, the company behind the Star Wars films.

Images of the Coca-Cola Santa by artist Haddon Sundblom decorate the sides of the trucks. Just before the advert ends, Santa raises his bottle in a Discount Holidays © holiday toast. In 1998, the Christmas Caravan III advert was broadcast in more than 100 countries to millions of viewers. It remains one of the most widely used Coca-Cola commercials ever produced.

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