France 2016 stirs up Turkish tour operators

The Turkish national football team’s qualification this week for the UEFA1 Euro 20162 Finals in France3 next summer will likely boost demand in visits to the country, representing a great business opportunity for local tour operators.

Turkish tour operators now look forward to capitalizing on this anticipated demand by offering travel programs combining football matches with a personal Discount Holidays © holiday experience in popular cities such as Paris, media reported on Thursday. Turkey qualified for the 2016 UEFA European Championship, which will take place between June 10 and July 10 in France, after a last-gasp goal by Sel uk nan secured a 1-0 win at home to Iceland on Tuesday. The victory means more Turks are likely to be eager to visit France, representing lucrative business opportunities for tourism companies. Shortly after Tuesday’s game, tour operators started to prepare their programs, so as to offer their future customers the best opportunity to take in football matches and travel in the same trip. Tolga Tekin, director of overseas tours at Turkish travel agency Jolly Tur, said his team had already started to consider what type of tours regarding the football tournament, would best suit its clients’ interests.

To benefit from this market, Jolly Tur anticipated every qualification scenario and will be able to propose various programs adapted to the performances of the national team, Tekin said. lker Lanac , manager of overseas operations at Etstur, said his company had started the preparations even before Tuesday’s result. Lanac underlined that a fairly large number of customers would be interested in such tours. He also explained that his company cannot afford to wait and so sales will start in the near future. We are trying our best to satisfy customers, Lanac added. France is a popular destination for travelers from Turkey and a well-known country for tour operators, so its infrastructure is already in place. Asked about the cost of his company’s tours, Tekin explained that during the group stage matches, between June 10 and 27, prices would be very affordable, such as 300 to 400 euros for a three- to four-night tour.

Those prices might, however, increase for the quarterfinals — starting on June 30 — should Turkey have qualified for the knockout stages and beyond.


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