How to holiday like a special agent: Follow the glamorous footsteps of Bond at the scene-stealing locations featured in Spectre

  • Follow James Bond’s exotic trail to Austria, Mexico, Italy, Morocco and the UK in the latest 007 release, Spectre
  • Indulge your special agent fantasies at a number of glamorous properties near the film locations around the globe
  • The film kicks off with the suave protagonist dashing across rooftops during the colourful Day of the Dead festival




Bond is back and he’s racking up the air miles. In Spectre, everyone’s favourite international spy returns for the 24th film, in the guise of a brooding Daniel Craig and he can be seen suavely jet-setting to exotic locations across the globe in a return to his playboy status of yesteryear. Taking in Austria, Mexico, Italy, Morocco and of course London, our roguish protagonist can be seen on screen, dashing between scene-stealing backdrops in jaw dropping style. MailOnline Travel uncovers how you too can Discount Holidays © holiday in the footsteps of 007.

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On the trail of 007: In the upcoming Spectre film, we see the heroic protagonist visit the UK, Italy, Austria, Morocco and Mexico

In Spectre, Bond embarks on a geographical rather than psychological journey, inviting viewers to join him on a cinematic world tour. Director Sam Mendes explained the reason behind the character’s constant dash between locations. Mendes said: ‘Given the fact that Bond is much more engaged in his own journey, we were able to play around with much more widespread locations.

‘There is much more variety and a far greater physical and geographical journey in this movie than in Skyfall.

‘Also, I wanted to get back to some of that old-school glamour that you get from those fantastic, otherworldly locations. I wanted to push it to extremes.’

Man of mystery: Daniel Craig is back as Bond in Spectre where the hero is on a quest to uncover the truth behind a sinister organisation


Bursting on to the screen in action packed, explosive style, Spectre opens with Bond leaping between the rooftops of Zocalo, with a helicopter looming overhead.

It’s the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico City which provides a colourful canvas for Bond’s return as he hunts through the crowd for villain Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona) through the vibrant cacophony of the lively parade. It’s the most epic opening sequence in Bond’s history and Mendes explained: ‘The filmmakers wanted to immerse Bond in a magnificent festival in a Latin American city. International action hero: In the longest opening sequence ever, Bond bursts on screen leaping across rooftops in Zocalo, Mexico City

Looming villains: A helicopter swoops low over a procession who are obliviously celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead festival

Arch-nemesis: Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona) runs through the Dia de los Muertos procession on Tolsa Square


Day of the Dead opening sequence featured 1,500 extras in costume, with no two costumes alike.

Bond filmed in Mexico City for License To Kill at Gran Hotel de Ciudad and the interior of a building on Tolsa Sq was the casino.

‘And it doesn’t get any bigger than Mexico City and the Day of the Dead.’

Producer Barbara Broccoli added: ‘The Day of the Dead sequence stands as a reminder of what a James Bond film can achieve. Here we were in the middle of a foreign capital city with thousands of beautifully dressed extras and a world-class stunt team executing jaw-dropping scenes.’

Filmed at: Tolsa Square, Zocalo, Gran Hotel de Ciudad Mexico, Mexico City

On the Bond trail: Experience ‘Dia de los Muertos’ with Last Frontiers1. This 10-night trip starts with four nights in Mexico City; staying in the city centre near where filming of the opening Spectre sequence takes place. Nothing is as it seems: Woman of mystery, Estrella (Stephanie Sigman) becomes one of the latest intriguing Bond girls

Against a vibrant and visually stunning backdrop, James Bond chases through the crowds of 1500 extras all in unique costumes


The filmmakers behind Spectre have catapulted the character into a snowscape with the scenes shot in Solden, Austria

In Daniel Craig’s fourth Bond film he chases characters with aeroplanes and 4×4’s rather than bobsleighs in Austria


On Her Majesties Secret Service

The Spy Who Loved

For Your Eyes Only

A View To a Kill

The Living Daylights

The World Is Not Enough

Die Another Day

In contrast to the heat of Mexico, the filmmakers behind Spectre have also catapulted the character into a snowscape, this time with the scenes shot in Solden, Austria. Producer Michael G Wilson said: ‘We wanted to do something different from being in bobsleighs or using any of the usual winter sports. Hence, we had a different kind of chase, with aeroplanes and 4x4s.’

Boasting a breathtaking natural beauty, viewers will find it hard to keep their eyes on the action.

S lden’s three mountain summits are each above 3,000 metres. They include the Schwarze Schneide above the Rettenbach Glacier, the Tiefenbachkogl above the Tiefenbach Glacier, and the Gaislachkogl. Each of these mountain tops has its own staggering viewing platform offering spectacular 360 degree panoramas across the Alps.

Filmed at: tztal Glacier Road, Rettenbach glacier and the adjacent ski resort and cable car station and Obertilliach and Lake Altaussee Ice Q Restaurant as the alpine Hoffler Klinik. At Das Central hotel, the gourmet mountain restaurant, Ice Q, is one of the locations featured in the film as Hoffler Klinik

Boasting a breathtaking natural beauty, viewers will find it hard to keep their eyes on the action (right). Inside Das Central hotel (left)

On the Bond trail: Situated mostly above the tree line at 2,000 to 3,340 metres, the ski season in Solden runs from October until April.

Thrillseekers and wintersports enthusiasts will be pleased to discover Solden has 50kms of runs including the red and black runs leading through trees to the village. There is also a long meandering blue run for less experienced skiers. To recreate Bond’s journey, stay at Das Central2 which is a family-owned Alpine hotel, in the heart of S lden. The hotel’s gourmet mountain restaurant, Ice Q, is one of the locations featured in the film.

Situated above the treeline at 2,000 to 3,340 metres, a stay in Solden offers dramatic panoramas. Pictured is a bedroom in Das Central hotel


Crew were only able to access the ICE-Q location in Solden by cable car. Land Rovers and Range Rovers were towed up the mountain by snow mobiles

In Solden, Area 47 offers water, outdoor and off-road activities including a diving tower, rafting, mega Swing and super-cross. The park also has a variety of rooms from standard double rooms to private log cabins.

Aqua Dome -Tirol Therme L ngenfeld has a full range of outdoor attractions from climbing to mountain bike tours. But if you prefer to take things a little easier, then this idyllic spa resort in western Austria is the perfect place to unwind. Perfect for skiing: S lden’s three mountain summits are each above 3,000 metres and the ski season runs from October to April


For 007’s first visit to Rome he goes to Vatican City and meets with Bond Woman Lucia Scarra (Monica Belucci), an Italian widow with secrets

Actors Monica Belucci and Daniel Craig pose in Rome where much of the action in Spectre takes place


Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire doubled as Palazzo Cadenza in Rome in the film

Surprisingly James Bond has never visited Rome in a film, until now.

In Spectre the plot unravels in the Eternal City with important sequences and exchanges shot at various locations across the city. Explaining why the Special Agent was sent to Italy in this film, Mendes commented that it was because of ‘the history and an atmosphere of darkness and foreboding particularly if you’re dealing with 1920s and 1930s Fascist architecture. There is something dark and intimidating.’

In a crucial and dazzling Rome scene, an Aston Martin DB10 takes on a Jaguar C-X75 as it races in front of the Vatican.

Filmed at: Ponte Sisto, the Via delle Conciliazione in front of St Paul’s Basilica, the Theatre of Marcello and Garibaldi Street, around the Tiber River, near the Colosseum and around the streets of Vatican City.

On the Bond trail: Rome is awash with luxurious and atmospheric properties to choose from for a special agent style experience. For classic glamour, visitors could stay at Rome Cavalieri3 hotel or find respite and tantalising views at the penthouse suite at The Inn and View at the Spanish Steps4.

The Inn and the View at the Spanish Steps overlooks Rome’s top tourist attractions in the heart of the Eternal City


Striking emptiness: James Bond and Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) tackle the Moroccan desertscape together in the film


Local nomads were hired as guides and security throughout prep and filming. Due to the high temperatures shades, cold water and cooling vehicles were all brought in. Against a haunting desertscape, a stylish train sequence was filmed during a 10-day shoot in North Africa this summer.

On screen this translates dramatically as Mendes explained: ‘If you want this incredible immense landscape, this emptiness, then where better than the Sahara?’

‘So with all these locations you have these tones that are quite different, and quite extreme.’

Previously Erfoud has played host to film crews from The Mummy and Prince of Persia.

Filmed in: Erfoud, Tangier, Oujda

On the Bond trail: Oujda is rich in historic appeal but tourists are more likely to head to Merzouga, 50km north, where visitors can take in the epic sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. A seven-night self-drive trip, split between Merzouga (half board) and the city of Fes (B&B) can be arranged through Lawrence of Morocco. 5


Speeding through the Thames, no Bond movie would be complete without a visit to MI6 HQ at Vauxhall

Having traversed some of the coldest, hottest, most remote and most romantic spots on the earth, James Bond also inevitably flits home to London during the latest film, honing in on the iconic river Thames and nearby Westminster and of course the MI6 headquarters at Vauxhall.

‘The challenge was to try and find a way of shooting London that felt fresh and new and yet which was also a continuation of Skyfall,’ noted Mendes.

‘We tried to find a way to look at familiar locations and familiar places within London from a different perspective and I think we found some great ways to do that,’ he concluded. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel provides guests with views over the capital’s locations that star in the film

Filmed at: River Thames, Notting Hill, Camden, London City Hall (interior), Covent Garden, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, Vauxhall bridge, Millennium bridge, Blenheim Palace.

On the Bond trail: Any luxury hotel along the Southbank will make a tourist feel as though they are in original special agent territory. They can live out their Bond fantasies at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge6, London where many of the rooms offer uncompromised views of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and, on the other side, the London Eye.

Fans of Bond may also want to visit Dukes London7 which was a favourite haunt of Bond creator Ian Fleming. Here guests can sample the Vesper, Bond’s personal martini or try a Fleming 80 or Miss Moneypenny. Indulge your special agent fantasies with a stay overlooking Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and, on the other side, the London Eye

Captivating city: London takes centre stage once more in Spectre.

Pictured is Big Ben

Fans of Bond may also want to visit Dukes London which was a favourite haunt of Bond creator Ian Fleming (left) and (right)

Situated in Mayfair, guests at Dukes can sample the Vesper, Bond’s personal martini or try a Fleming 80 or Miss Moneypenny


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