Loganholme tourist precinct: 43ha of riverfront land up for grabs

Loganholme Tourist Precinct: 43ha Of Riverfront Land Up For Grabs

Riverfront land is up for grabs as part of the Loganholme tourism precinct proposal. Photo: Logan City Council

Expressions of interest have just been opened for the Loganholme tourism precinct which is aimed to rival the likes of South Bank and Sanctuary Cove. Roy Somerville, director of Somerville Consultants, was involved in the creation of the precinct’s concept and said he hopes it can one day be a major draw card for the area.

“I’ve compared it many times to Sanctuary Cove which is low rise, river frontage development… almost like a South Bank thing but again not as intense as South Bank, a parkland type set up.”

The development is to be centred around the Logan River and will look to cater to a wide range of people from Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast as well as overseas.


A massive 43 hectares is up for grabs and is earmarked for mixed use tourism, the site features six separate lots and has been identified as an untapped resource.

“It’s a very neglected, nice area the Logan river,” Somerville said.

“If you look at the projects like Couran Cove that have been difficult, it’s because they’re not on the mainland, you’ve got to shift everything across.

“We can build nice resorts on the river without having to shift people and food and services across water and that’s what gives you the commercial advantage.”

The area sits next to the pacific motorway where it passes over the Logan River. Mr Somerville said the ease of access would help to make the project commercially viable.

“Sanctuary Cove is a classic example of that type of success, sure it was a swap area but it’s on the mainland, you can drive to Sanctuary Cove and that’s what makes it so successful,” Somerville said.

“You’ve got the golf courses but there is also the opportunity to produce riding trails and all that along the river and linking them together with a resort focus seems best.

“When you look at the traffic on the pacific motorway there is a lot of passing trade and not only that but the people that live in Logan.”

The first project to receive approval in the precinct is the Logan marina project, which was approved earlier this year after a 12-year legal battle. There is already a cable ski park, boat ramp and caravan park in the area that have achieved commercial success.

Logan City Council Finance and Economic Development Committee Councillor Luke Smith said the site offered developers the opportunity to tap into a ready and waiting tourism market, which drew millions of international tourists to the region through two nearby international airports.

“There has been ongoing and fairly intense interest in the site, both nationally and internationally, even before we announced that the entire site would be placed on the market,” Smith said.

“With nearby theme parks drawing more than four million visitors per year, we have a significant local and overseas visitor market eager to welcome new attractions.”

The expressions of interest process will begin after the formal pre-EOI marketing campaign (and will remain open until 13 March 2016, followed by an evaluation phase.

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