Trang turns swamp into tourist attraction

Trang Turns Swamp Into Tourist Attraction

Kayaking around Khao Hua Taek tourist attraction in Trang’s Huai Yot district is popular among tourists. (Photo by Methee Muangkaew)

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Authorities have turned a freshwater swamp around Khao Hua Taek mountain in Trang’s Huai Yot district into a new tourist attraction featuring activities for sports and nature lovers. Kittidet Wannabovorn, a Trang provincial council member for Huai Yot district, and local leaders on Thursday led a media tour of the Khao Hua Taek tourist venue in the southern province. The 12-rai venue has emerged as a popular attraction among nature lovers. Since it opened, it has drawn about 200-300 visitors on weekends.

Paddling kayaks in emerald waters around Khao Hua Taek mountain and other adventure activities are being offered. Previously, the swamp was used to solve water-shortage issues during the dry season. Local residents caught fish and crab during the rainy season. Local leaders later consulted residents to develop the area as a tourist attraction due to the beauty of the mountain, which stands about 157m high and offers an abundance of plant life.

It is located within reach of other attractions as well. Development of Khao Hua Taek began in June. Facilities such as a pavilion, toilets and an acces road were built. Kayaks are available for rent at 120 baht each with no time limit.

Trang Turns Swamp Into Tourist Attraction

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