You cheeky little monkey!

Mischievous macaque can’t keep his paws off female tourist’s breast

  • Photographs of a group of macaques went viral on Chinese social media
  • One of the monkeys was seen as if he was groping a female tourist
  • Web users have nicknamed the naughty creature the ‘molester monkey’




Pictures of a group of monkeys have provided the Chinese online community with a comic relief after one macaque was pictured as if he was groping a female tourist. The woman seemed to be amused by the curious animal while dozens of other macaques surrounded her at a wild animal park in central China’s Henan province. Chinese web users have nicknamed the naughty creature the ‘molester monkey’, reported People’s Daily Online1.

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A Japanese macaque appeared to be ‘groping’ a female tourist at a wild animal park in Henan, central China

Get away from me: While some tourists were entertained by the animals, others seemed to be less amused

These monkeys are Japanese macaques and are the main attraction at the park. Some Chinese media claim they are wild monkeys and can get extremely active when tourists approach them. Hundreds of these curious creatures would sometimes mob visitors by climbing all over them.

While some tourists found these monkeys amusing, others seemed to be taken aback by animals climbing all over them.

Photographs of these encounters, which emerged online earlier this week, have proven to be funny to the Chinese public.

One user of Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, said: ‘These monkeys are fearless!’

Another commented: ‘Look at that woman who was ‘groped’, she was totally enjoying the moment!’

Ready, smile: A female tourist seized the opportunity to take photos of these cheeky monkeys up-close

Monkey attack: One tourist was being mobbed by dozens of Japanese macaques in the park


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