Saint Marys Holiday Inn developer seeks financing from Destination Medical Center for project


St. Cloud developer Larry Brutger’s $63 million Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn could possibly breathe new life into the area around Saint Marys hospital…but says time is running out to get it off the ground. “We need to establish a timeline,” said Brutger. “I’m not going to be able to hold this project together that long.”

At stake is a tax incrementation funding grant from the Destination Medical Center Corporation board worth an estimated $5 and a half million. First it had to go through the Rochester Committee of the Whole on Monday, who left that meeting with more questions than answers.
“There’s great potential here for a good project that meets the DMC guidelines, that meets the goals of the DMC and you think this is something we should keep working on,” said Rochester city councilman Michael Wojcik in Monday’s meeting. The main issue is a subway tunnel leading from the proposed hotel to Saint Marys hospital, which has council members questioning whether it’s worthy of public financing. DMC Economic Development Authority chair Lisa Clarke says she felt more information was needed about Brutger’s subway, and essentially gave his presentation an incomplete. “To bring a project forward for full approval in terms of dollars…in our mind and the EDA’s perspective, it’s not fully ready for that yet,” said Clarke. The project will move forward to the DMCC board for a provisional approval on Thursday, but whether it receives TIF financing remains to be seen. Brutger remains optimistic for the project’s chances and hopes he’s given the chance to revitalize the area around Saint Marys.

“We hope our project is the catalyst that gets this developed,” said Brutger. “I’ve always seen it as being part of an entire system.”

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