Child Revived After Swimming Pool Accident at Pocatello Hotel

Pocatello police officers responded to the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express on Saturday night around 7 p.m. after receiving a call that a six year old boy drowned in the swimming pool.

Upon the officers arrival, the child had been given CPR by people that were present at the time of the incident. According to Lt.

Cliff Kelley with Pocatello Police Department, the child was breathing on his own and he was transported to the hospital and admitted for observation.

Those things happen and thankfully there were people on scene that could help and give CPR to the child in order to revive him and I would just caution parents to keep an eye on children, especially when they are in the area of pools, says Lt.

Cliff Kelley, Pocatello Police Department.

Officers say they don t know the child s condition at this time.

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