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After his operation relating to his Aural Haematoma, Dexter is required to wear what our friend Ursula calls an Elizabethan Collar .

I started by taking him out separately for a short walk down the street (and back across my neighbours backyard, since he was on holiday). Hannah would not be happy to be left alone. So I took both of them as far as the look out.

Admittedly, Dexter in his crash collar bumps into everything along the way, which is not desirable since it too easy to injure his ear. I take more chances than I should. So we then went to the next step and engaged the full circuit.

While it was raining, Hannah might be judiciously allowed off the lead. Otherwise, she is likely to have to contend with other dogs and possibly motor bikes. Most of the time it is better to take the safe option. It does not follow that everyone has the experience or aptitude to deal with dogs.

Dogs, like lambs (a reference to Invasion Day3) are sentient beings, and it is not surprising that they can recognize emotions4. Next, it will be alleged they are not conscious. We assume that human consciousness is necessarily superior in realization as distinct from potential.The odd feature, as can be observed, is that humans not only cling to delusions of reality, but strive for that state. The Invaders never gave any credit to the continuity of culture of the landowners they murdered or otherwise killed.

Small steps can take us in one direction or another.

Dexter seems to be coping.

During this week of changeable weather and the cutting down of the dead Silky Oak Robustus, we survived:

The gist of it, ahead of Invasion Day too, and whatever the travails, both temporary and long term, is as suggested by The Grateful Dead, I will get by and we will survive (maybe).

Every silver lining has a touch of grey :

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