Holiday Inn Express expansion on schedule

New rooms, expanded conference center look toward April unveiling

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Inn Express Expansion On Schedule

Paul Delaney

Debbie Anderson, who along with husband Brian own the Cheney Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express, said the project will add 46 guest rooms and an expanded conference center, is on target for an official unveiling in April. Despite a curve ball tossed at them from Mother Nature in the form of over 20 inches of snow, and a couple of stints of bitterly cold Arctic weather, the expansion of Cheney’s Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express is on target for a March completion and an April opening.

“We’re enclosed and they are trying to get the roof on,” Debbie Anderson, who along with husband Brian, own the Cheney hotel on Betz Road and State Route 904 said. In a Jan.

4 interview Anderson said they were two weeks behind due to weather, but they hope to make that up on the interior.

“Our general contractor thinks he can do that,” Anderson said. That would keep the project on schedule for a March 15 opening for the addition. Ground was broken in early September 2015 for the project.

The $3.5 million expansion adds 46 more guest rooms to the existing 76-room hotel and also increases the size and capabilities of the conference center to accommodate events of up to 200 people. The expansion is also part of a $1.5 million remodel of the existing hotel rooms and lobby spaces, bringing the total cost of the project to $5 million. Once the new rooms and spaces are operable, they would then begin the remodeling process on the existing rooms.

Originally the plan called for redoing 25 rooms, or a floor at a time, but that number has been adjusted to 5-7 rooms. That project is expected to be complete by September of 2016 Anderson said. The expansion is needed because of the popularity of the hotel.

Between March and October, Anderson said they have been experiencing over 100 days when all rooms are booked and occupied, and generally have been carrying a waiting list of sometimes 50 potential guests.

“This time of year, we’re sold out 4 5 days a week,” Anderson told the Cheney Free Press in a July 2015 story. “We’re just at that point where it’s time.”

While the target to open the addition is mid-March, Anderson said a more realistic opening will be April 1, “Just to be on the safe side,” she said. Anderson wants to do the unveiling with a little bit of flair with an event she is calling, “A Taste of Cheney,” with a variety of caterers providing their wares for the open house.

“That way you can come and try out the local catering, try out the rooms,” Anderson said. Once completed the hotel will employ 40 people.

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