Out of the engine came a flame with a name.

It burned up my mind and

Burning Tree s sole album1, Masters Of Reality is an outstanding showcase of creativity and pshychedelic tinged blues rock revisionism. Unfortunately, just like Burning Tree it s criminally overlooked; suffering from arriving at a time when rock was represented largely by hair metal bands who were pedalling drivel while fighting it out with soulless pop music and the Golden Age of Hip Hop. Just before grunge hit. Although the band had taken their name from a Black Sabbath album (legend has it from a Warner Bros.

pressing of Master Of Reality with misprinted labels that read Masters Of Reality instead), there s only traces of shrapnel from the heavy slabs of concrete those chaps threw around. Instead, the music is laced with late-1960s and early-1970s riffage as well as insatiable grooves. A modern take of The Doors if you will, with a splash of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Queen, ZZ Top and pinch of those psychedelic noodlings that Cream had going on with their awesome Disraeli Gears (Ginger Baker was even a member of the band for a brief period). Under it all, there s the melodic influence of the Beatles and some blues. Rick Rubin signed them to Def Jam in 1986 and, after splitting with partner Russell Simmons, released the debut on his Def American label. Rumour has it that it all fell apart during a cold and wet chicago evening in 1989 when the jazz meandering of guitarist Tim Harrington and stick man Vinnie Ludovico got in the way of the songs. A phone call was made and Delicious Vinyl got involved buying the contract, album, publishing rights, etc and set about re-mastering the album and releasing it with an alternative track-listing (also cutting Magical Spell by 2 minutes and adding the amazing Doraldina s Prophecies) and horrible, horrible cover.

However, they were clearly excited about having this one:

An amazing, mystical, rocking experience, the album delivers with a crunching authenticity rarely heard in today s rock arena. It is, in our not so humble opinion, one of the best albums of the last ten years .

that alternative (Microsoft Paint rendered) cover2. For further reading, check out the Delicious Vinyl site and this piece from a fellow enthusiast3.

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