Skift Business Traveler: Hilton Launches Tru Hotels and Does Away With Desks

We d love to see the launch of a hotel that doesn t have a name that s interchangeable with any other disposable consumer goods.

Grant Martin

What to Know Now

It s all the rage in the hotel industry: brands that appeal to millennials. Hyatt s got Centric1. Marriott has AC2. Starwood kind of has Tribute3. And now in addition to Canopy4, Hilton s got Tru5. What s the difference you ask? Tru is geared more towards budget-friendly millennials6 think of a competitor to a Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn or a Best Western. But the best part about the hotels? You can still accrue HHonors points.

Hilton s planning a widespread launch with over 102 locations planned around major metropolitan areas. Just don t expect to get much work done apparently millennials don t use desks7.

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Are these real names?? Officially, new hotels brands are worse than travel startups on naming.

@rafat | Rafat Ali, Founder and CEO of Skift 8

Skift Business Traveler: Hilton Launches Tru Hotels And Does Away With Desks


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American unveils new amenity kits for premium fliers: American Airlines unveiled a new collection of amenity kits on Wednesday that will begin appearing on flights this March. Read more at USA Today11

The Cost of Airline Fuel Drops While Airplane Ticket Prices Stay Steady: Rob Britton, who spent two decades with American Airlines Group Inc., is unapologetic in defending the profits his former employer and other U.S. carriers are making. Sure, fuel s cheap, but what company cuts prices as soon as its costs shrink? Read more at Skift12

Skift Business Traveler: Hilton Launches Tru Hotels And Does Away With Desks


Expedia Continues Investment Spree With Airport Ride Startup Wingz: Expedia has led a flurry of travel startup investments in recent months, just last week investing in hotel platform Alice and this week announced it led an $11 million investment in airport ride startup Wingz. Read more at Skift13

Heathrow climate protesters found guilty of aggravated trespass: Thirteen protesters who chained themselves to railings at the UK s largest airport have been told it is almost inevitable they will be jailed for their actions. Read more at The Guardian14

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Skift Business Traveler: Hilton Launches Tru Hotels And Does Away With Desks


Luxury Hotel Guests Are Tired of Paying for In-Room Wi-Fi: Check into any middling U.S.

hotel and chances are good that the Wi-Fi is free.

Have a white-gloved butler escort you to the Penthouse suite, however, and your lavish lodgment may well bill you for Internet access. Read more at Skift16

Starwood Joins New Sibling Marriott in TripAdvisor Instant Booking: Starwood announced it would join sibling-to-be Marriott, as well as Best Western, Accor, Wyndham, Hyatt, Radisson, Choice and just about every other major chain except Hilton Worldwide and InterContinental Hotels Group, as a partner in TripAdvisor Instant Booking. Read more at Skift
Skift Business Traveler: Hilton Launches Tru Hotels And Does Away With Desks17


Hilton s New Budget Chain Aimed Squarely at Budget-Minded Millennials: Hilton is launching a new hotel brand, focusing on budget travelers looking to spend $75 to $90 a night. Read more at Skift18

Starwood Is Expanding Its Select-Service Footprint in New York: Starwood announced plans today to expand its portfolio of Speciality Select brands in New York State from 12 properties to 22 properties by the end of 2018, with much of that growth happening in New York City. Read more at Skift19

Hilton Looks to Price and Design to Lure Millennials to Its New Tru Brand: The new Tru by Hilton hotel brand was designed to capture the very youngest travelers into the Hilton HHonors program, while also providing a more efficient construction model for owners and developers. Read more at Skift20

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