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Life has pretty much gotten back to normal, except for one thing. School is still out. He s been home since Thursday last week. I love him, but it s time for him to go back to school lol. (Until I have to wake up at 6:15 and I ll be wishing for another day) Monday night I said if I got up Tuesday and the sun was out AND it was above freezing, I d venture out of the house. I woke up Tuesday, excited at the premise that I may be free from my prison. (cabin fever it s real people). I was up and out in 30 minutes. I was so happy to be leaving the house.

The roads weren t bad so I drove down by my son s school, my intention was to see the progress on the clean up. However, the road was plowed funny and I passed right by my exit. So I opted to turn around at the next exit and head to BJs instead. BJs was practically empty. It was nice and quiet. I had little conversations with the staff who were busy restocking shelves. Not that it looked like they d been effected by the storm at all. I picked up what I needed from BJs because the last grocery store I went to had been ravaged.

Homework for the week is mostly done. As with every week this term, I have one assignment left untouched. The class for SQL was last night so I ll watch the archive tomorrow and knock out that assignment. Right now my grades are: Intro to Project Management 97.77%, Structured Query Language for Data Management 100%. Yep, you saw that right, 100 baby! I really enjoy that class. I hate that it is coming to an end next week. I may see if I can take SQL locally so that I can get more experience with it.

5 1/2 weeks go by so quickly that you don t get a full grasp of it. Especially taking it online.

So that s it. I am going to finish my breakfast and maybe head out and see what is going on outside. It s super bright outside and the sun is calling my name. I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning and I ll see you tomorrow!

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