Actors playing Minnie Mouse, Olaf from Frozen and the Cookie Monster arrested in Times Square for harassing tourist

  • After having his photo taken, male tourist was hassled to pay $20
  • Colourful characters blocked his path, until he eventually handed over $10
  • But eagle-eyed police officer watched action unfold, and arrested trio




The actors playing Minnie Mouse, Olaf from Frozen and the Cookie Monster were arrested by police in New York for hassling tourists for money. The rather surreal scene played out in Times Square, after the costumed characters had posed for a photo with one tourist. As he moved away from the colourful characters, they began to follow him and demanded that he hand over money for the photo.

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Olaf, Minnie Mouse and the Cookie Monster were arrested by New York police after harassing a tourist for money and even ‘blocking his path’ (file photos, not believed to be involved)

NBC1 reports that ‘at one point the characters even blocked the man s path and insisted that he pay them $20.’

As a result of the intimidation, the tourist eventually handed over $10. But this was all spotted by an NYPD police officer, who interrupted the incident and arrested the three role-players on harassment charges. It’s not the first time people dressed up as famous film and TV characters have found themselves in trouble with the law.

Fights have often broken out between the costumed characters, all eager to get their tips from tourists. This was a tear-up between Mickey Mouse and Elmo

Last year a video emerged of a tussle between a costumed Spider-Man and another man in Times Square. The two were seen fighting outside Toys ‘R Us near a Manhattan street corner.

The clip was uploaded to Twitter by Geoff Golberg2. Golberg wrote: ‘Spider-Man saves the day in Times Square.’

During the scuffle, bystanders can be heard in the footage yelling.

‘Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,’ a man said as Spidey and his opponent faced off. Getting a photo with your favourite fim and TV character is a nice memento from a trip to Times Square – but it could cost you

Golberg told the New York Daily News of Spider-Man’s opponent: ‘The guy was harassing a number of performers, other costumed folks.

‘They’ve notoriously had issues with him in the past.’

Other footage captured by tourists saw Mickey Mouse having a fight with Elmo back in 2013. After a lengthy squaring off and much posturing Mickey Mouse sneaked up to Elmo and kicked his leg and Elmo turns on him. The fight was broken up by Minnie Mouse.

The New York Police Department have a Times Square Unit in force following numerous complaints over the years of tourists being hassled for money.

As well as the colourful cartoon and film characters, the addition of the ‘naked ladies,’ with women parading around with their breasts painted, has stoked debate as to what should be allowed in the tourist hotspot.


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