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By Wednesday February 10, 2016 10:00 AM

Property managers of the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn site at 7007 N. High St. in Worthington are planning a $45 million renovation of the space. The planned development proposes a mixed-use “village” theme that includes two smaller hotels and several restaurants. Ohm Patel, managing director of Alliance Hospitality, which manages the site, said the change is planned as a result of Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn asking for “a tremendous amount” of money to keep the name when their agreement ends for the site in 2017.

Patel said it would cost Alliance more than $10 million to continue using the name. Instead, he said the company chose a different direction. Rather than maintaining the current building, the company wants to revitalize the area and update.

“Given the age of the building and its rather confusing layout, guests are really kind of not gravitating toward this hotel, especially with so many hotel options going up in the Columbus market,” he said. “So we’re getting lower and lower pieces of business and a lot of the (state Route) 161 element is starting to show up at our property. That’s really not the best match with Worthington, given that Worthington is one of the safest places in central Ohio.”

Patel said the company’s options were to downgrade the brand, sell the property and lose out on “some pretty good potential,” or redevelop. With two “premium-branded” hotels that aim for “extremely high-end interior design” and convenience, Alliance hopes to bring a new type of client to Worthington.

“We want to attract a much more upscale demographic — a demographic that has an expense account or dispensable income to use and consume the services in the area,” Patel said. He said the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn is usually at less than half capacity with rooms costing about $65. He said he believes the new hotels will be closer to 80 percent capacity with $120 rooms.

But the process is still in its very early stages. Assistant City Manager Robyn Stewart, who has been acting as the city’s economic development manager, said the city has had few talks with Alliance so far.

“They have had some preliminary conversations with us and we’ve done with them like we’ve done with a number of people who want to redevelop sites, which is to encourage them to reach out to the community and get input before they work through a lot of the details and file anything with us,” she said. Patel said Alliance plans to do that.

It held a meeting Thursday, Feb.

4, to introduce neighbors to the plan and gauge reaction as part of a community engagement process.

“Before we took anything to the city, we wanted to invite the neighborhood to come and see the plan,” he said, “for our architects and engineers and myself to really talk about the development and explain what we’re trying to do and get their feedback.”

Unlike the former site of the United Methodist Children’s Home, which will require a major and controversial rezoning, the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn site would not need to be rezoned. The only variance that may be requested is for a four-story building to be allowed on the site when it only allows three. In Worthington’s most recent Wilson Bridge Road corridor study, Stewart said the city identified the site as a possible home for development.

“In that study, it was identified as a potential site for mixed-use,” she said, “so their property appears, based on the limited details we have, to be a proposed mixed-use for this site.

So that’s what could potentially be seen on that site, but we just don’t have enough details to weigh in.”

As planned, the mixed-use site would have two or three “signature” restaurants with some fast-casual options, though no deals have been inked. Patel pledged to keep the development’s amenities consistent.

“We’re not going to put a T-Mobile next to a Subway or something,” he said. “It’s going to be a bit more upscale and there has to be some synergy from every user.”

Because of the agreement with Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn, no construction on the site would begin until 2017. Patel said it would be at least a year and a half between demolition of the current building and completion of the development.



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