Holiday Inn Express hits snag

MARIETTA – The cost to re-design a diffuser system for Marietta’s wastewater treatment plant and issues facing the development of a new Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express were discussed by members of Marietta City Council’s Water, Sewer and Sanitation Committee Tuesday. City engineer Joe Tucker said the diffuser system, as designed by Stantec Consulting Services Inc. as part of the wastewater treatment plant upgrade project, is not working and a new design is needed.

He said Stantec has offered in a letter to reimburse the city $65,600 to fix the problem, but the actual cost to demolish and replace the non-working system would total approximately $78,280.

“I would recommend getting back to Stantec with a counter offer,” Tucker said, noting that the city would have to pay for permits, inspection services for the new installation, and other costs beyond the $65,600 for the original design.

“They should also compensate us for legal fees that have been incurred due to this design issue,” added City Law Director Paul Bertram III. He said an agreement would have to be reached with Stantec on the amount of compensation the firm should provide, and city council would likely have to pass legislation in the form of a resolution to confirm the agreement. In other business Tuesday, the developer of a new Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express property at 970 Pike St., just outside the city limits, told committee members the project has hit some snags.

Scott Gruber with HiFive Development said the company is seeking a permit to connect to Marietta’s sewer system, but cannot access the system through the private sewer line that runs along the front of neighboring property where McAlarney Pools, Spas and Billiards is located. Wastewater Superintendent Steve Elliott said it would make sense for the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express property to tie into the sewer system through the McAlarney line.

“But the owner says that’s private property,” he said. Elliott said the hotel could obtain access through the Summers Pontiac Buick GMC Truck property which is the hotel’s neighbor to the north along Ohio 7.

But he said that would require installation of a lift station that the city would have to maintain, and the lift station would be an expensive project for the developer. A line could be bored under Ohio 7 to connect the hotel to the city sewer line that runs on the opposite side of the roadway, but Gruber said the cost would be around $10,000 for that project. In addition to the sewer connection issue, Eric Lambert, city project engineer, told Gruber that the current plan to handle stormwater runoff from the hotel property could cause flooding of properties located south of the facility inside the Marietta city limits, including the First Colony Center property at the intersection of Ohio 7 and County House Lane.

Gruber said after an earlier meeting with Lambert he thought the stormwater runoff plan, which included a drainage ditch to be installed along the backside of the hotel property, would suffice. But Tucker said some type of containment facility would likely have to be installed on the hotel property to prevent flooding of other neighboring properties. Gruber said the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express has been scheduled for opening in September.

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