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When Margaret and Louise set off to visit Thunder Bay, Ontario, for a church retreat theyReview: The Serenity Stone Murder By Marianne Jones ... get a lot more than they bargained for. Instead of a nice relaxing holiday, they experience a series of unfortunate events that end up in a murder investigation. Will they solve the mystery of the Serenity Stone murder or will they become the killer s next victims? This was a really fun short read. Louise and Margaret are lovely characters. They re two women in their 50s and Jones did a brilliant job of developing their bantering style of relationship. Louise and her cheeky dog brought a lot of smiles and lightness to the overall feel of the story and were a perfect foil for Margaret and her slightly grumpy ways.


The peaceful city of Thunder Bay is shocked when one of its most prominent businessmen is murdered with a stone stolen from a nearby church garden.

Visiting the city to attend a retreat, friends Margaret and Louise become intrigued by the circumstances surrounding the murder and quickly find themselves embroiled in the investigation. Will they discover that they ve stepped into something they won t be able to walk away from? Will the murderer target them next?


Title: The Serenity Stone Murder1

Author: Marianne Jones2

ISBN: 9780981251684

Published: September 6th 2014 by Split Tree Publishing Inc.

Genre: Mystery

Pages: 204

Source: Review copy from author

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Amazon US3

Amazon UK 4

Book Depository5 (free worldwide shipping)

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