Affordable Seychelles – more real than many may want to believe …

9 Mar

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9 March 2016

The Seychelles. Just the very name of this island may make you turn away in belief that it is out of reach. However, your Discount Holidays © holiday to this tropical paradise may be more possible than you think. While budget getaways may not sound luxurious, affordable Seychelles accommodation is a reality. Mahe, Praslin and La Digue Islands offers an abundance of budget accommodation options that are Seychellois-owned. This means that the owner or manager is close on hand to guide you on all Seychelles activities, including the secrets that only the locals know on how to keep your activities within budget. You are also able to enjoy creole cooking at its best from grassroots level.

You will be able to experience true Seychelles culture by travelling on a budget to the Seychelles. The way to keep your getaway as close to budget as possible to travel at the right time. This means that prices are generally discounted and many establishments offer promotional deals. Of course where you stay is a major factor in keeping your vacation as affordable as possible. You can keep lodging costs down by staying in guesthouses, B&Bs, Discount Holidays © holiday rentals and self-catering apartments. Seychelles Secrets represents a unique portfolio of the islands finest small hotels, guesthouses, self-catering chalets and Discount Holidays © holiday homes.

This exciting new brand will introduce you to a diverse assortment of affordable Discount Holidays © holiday accommodation where to enjoy memorable hospitality in picturesque locations while savouring the magic and intimacy of the Creole way of life. Wherever you see the Seychelles Secrets logo, rest assured that the accommodation offered reflects quality amenities and services in a charming island-style setting. All accommodation is registered by the Ministry of Tourism, ensuring a minimum standard of service and facilities.

Where to eat is another way to keep costs down when travelling through the islands. Choose simple Creole dishes at shore-edge restaurants where you can feel the sand between your toes, takeaway outlets or at the markets or go the self-catering route at your accommodation. Getting around on such a small island may seem easy to do, but choosing the shortest option, may not be the most budget-friendly.

Go for the catamaran to get from Mahe to Praslin instead of the sea-plane, which also gives you a beautiful scenic way to see the islands. You may also want to hire a bike instead of a car to get around, which means that you get some exercise while you explore this gorgeous destination. Travelling to the Seychelles does not mean you have to take out a second bond on your house, but instead can be a beautiful budget getaway while still experiencing the best that it has to offer.

Affordable Seychelles – More Real Than Many May Want To Believe ...

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