British tourist dies after being stabbed in head during violent street mugging in San Fransisco

A British tourist who was stabbed in the head in a violent street mugging in San Francisco, has died, writes Karen Rockett in the Sunday People1 . Paul Tam, 44, had been in a life-threatening condition in hospital since the brutal attack2 on the 18th February at 8.30pm. He was walking down a street in the US city with his niece when he was attacked by two robbers.

He died of his injuries in a local hospital on Thursday. Officers have now released video footage of the murder and have offered a substantial reward for information in the hope that the public will be able to help them track down two suspects.

Victim Paul Tam

One of the robbers is described as a heavily built black male who was seen wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans, while the other is a black woman with long dreadlocks or braids in a ponytail. Witnesses said there had been a scuffle between Mr Lam and one of the robbers as he struggled to hold on to a bag which contained his phone, passport and cash.

His niece, who was unhurt in the incident, had travelled from southern California to visit him.

Mr Tam is chased into middle of the road Mr Tam is bundled to ground by his attacker Mr Tam was left seriously injured after the attack

Mr Tam, an IT specialist, had recently moved to California to work as a freelance after 10 years working as a web content and digital marketing manager at Manchester University. He had been staying at a hotel in San Francisco and was walking in the city centre s Japantown district, close to the landmark St Mary s Cathedral. Video images released by the police show Mr Tam being approached by a male assailant and then walking onto the road in an attempt to get away.

The hooded attacker then chases Mr Tam across the street – running in front of an oncoming car, which is forced to stop – before catching him and forcing him to the ground.

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He then appears to strike Mr Tam on the head at least twice before grabbing his bag and running away. Mr Tam lies prone in the middle of the street for several seconds before trying to get up before collapsing again. A San Francisco police4 spokesman said.

Please contact investigators if you were in the area near the time of the crime, observed any suspicious activity, or if you have any information regarding the identity of the suspects.


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