Here’s where the the ultra-rich travel in France

Here's Where The The Ultra-rich Travel In Franceanshar/Shutterstock1“Monte Carlo is definitely the playground for the rich and famous, with its beautiful 5-star hotels, fine dining options and high-end stores,” Boaz Lantsman, founder of, said.

France has a reputation as one of the world’s most sophisticated countries, and as a favourite Discount Holidays © holiday destination of the rich and famous. But which parts of the nation do wealthy travellers frequent the most? To find out, RoutePerfect.com2 has released data on the most popular destinations booked by luxury travellers visiting France on a luxury budget, who spend an average of 13,900 ($20,000) on their holiday.

The ranking is based on over 150,000 trips booked either through or on the European travel website.

From celebrity hotspots on the French Riviera to glamorous cities with high-end shopping and 5-star hotels, here are France’s 10 most popular destinations for luxury travel.


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