Justin Forsett holds football camp in Italy, says injured arm will be healthy soon

Justin Forsett1‘s European vacation took him to Florence, Italy, last week. He ate big cuts of steak2, drove down narrow roads3 and met the “Italian Ryan Gosling4.”

But mainly the Ravens5 running back taught football. He held his first Justin Forsett Camp6 in Florence over the weekend, working with the Italian first-division Guelfi Firenze team and other locals to, as he explained, “help you, encourage you, inspire you in some ways and help make your game a little bit better.”

Thanks to Guelfi Firenze7, we have video of Forsett’s visit. One of the first Italian guys we see has a mustache. He’s halfway there to Joe Flacco’s Fu Manchu8.

We got a game in two weeks,” someone at the camp shouts. “Playbook is coming tonight. Forsett laughs. Grazie, grazie, he says.

Later in the video, he explains the importance of ball security. Take note, Buck Allen9.

“The football is the most important thing in football,” he says. “This is how we take care of the family. The team goes where this goes. So you want to make sure you want to keep this protected at all times. The way you do that is, however you want to hold it you want to keep the point protected.”

The rest of his football camp looks like any other, including a professional coaching staff10. There’s an Oklahoma drill11; a show of appreciation for the offensive linemen12; and, at one point, some fired-up blocker bear-hugging what looks like Forsett off the ground13. What’s different is that Forsett is, of course, speaking English, and all these guys are presumably Italian (though, in fairness to Forsett, he apparently did try to learn the language14).

When he wasn’t busy exporting American football to Europe, Forsett did a couple15 of interviews16. Because I do not speak Italian, I had to rely on Google Translate. Here’s maybe the most important translation: “About my physical condition I would say that is going well the recovery of injured arm. I trust in a couple of weeks to have recovered completely and to be able to train one hundred percent.”

Here are my five favorite translations, for silly and serious reasons.

5. On whether an NFL17 franchise in London could help the sport’s development in Europe: “Go a step further by bringing a deductible permanently in the British capital could help the NFL to become even more of a global brand.”

4. On cornerback Tray Walker’s death: “The Tray death opened up to broad reflections on the existence, as happens in some cases. Life is not only football and we must take time for our affections and love one another, because you never know when someone will go away. It must therefore be happy for the moments that are donated to us, to spend with our affections.”


On his NFL career: “Before coming to Baltimore, I also wore the jerseys of Indianapolis Colts18, the Houston Texans19 and the Jacksonville Jaguars20.”


On starting the Justin Forsett Camp in Florence: “We started talking a few months ago, I was confronted with my entourage.”


Part of a question to Forsett, on his season-ending jury: “Welcome to Italy Justin Forsett, last year at the climax a broken arm has stopped you.”


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