Letter: New hotel spoils Saugerties’ historic character

Letter: New Hotel Spoils Saugerties’ Historic CharacterThe proposed Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn1 behind the Wynkoop House on RT 32 within view of the Thruway exit will forever change the impact on visitors and residents of Saugerties. The buildings style, directly behind the Nationally Registered Historic Home of 1740, is a rather vulgar looming modern monstrosity in my opinion. It s placement has even caused concern for traffic issues conditions on RT 32.

Why was an entrance not planned opposite the Thruway to share the current traffic light? With so much land available in Saugerties, why was this ever considered in the first place? Why did the Planning board not have the professional hindsight to consider these impacts? The Winston Property (formerly Wynkoop Farm) could have easily created another parcel for sale. The Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn could have bought another parcel on the eastern side of RT32 to have avoided these problems. Once approved and built, it will be a terrible mismatch, an urban corporate mismatched eyesore. Tourists and residents will no longer look at Blue Mountain, or the Winston farm, but a mismatched commercial cluster and traffic headaches. (I am a Saugerties landowner and taxpayer).

Michael Wynkoop Du Vernoy

Hopewell Junction

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