Shocking moment plane grazes tourist’s hand as he tries to capture the perfect shot

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A daredevil photographer has his hand grazed by a passing plane in incredible footage taken at one of the world’s most dangerous airports. The unnamed snapper is seen trying to line up the perfect shot of a light aircraft2 coming in to land at Gustaff III airport on the island of St Bart’s, in the Carribbean. Despite its idyllic backdrop, the airport is something of a nightmare for pilots, who have to negotiate a road on top of a steep hill before dropping onto the short runway.

Their job is made all the tougher by die-hard photographers like this man, who stand at the top of the hill eager to snap the aircraft in extreme close up.

The plane brushes the photographer’s hand as he snaps away The man did not seem bothered by how close he came to almost certain death

In a dramatic 360 degree video, fellow photographer Sebastien Politano captured the moment the man ducked just in time as a plane whizzes past his head, missing him my millimetres.

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Seemingly unfazed by his brush with almost certain death, the man simply turns round and continues taking pictures of the plane as it lands.

The aircraft was so close it actually touched his hand, Mr Politano told Mail Online Travel.

“He just said, “It hit my hand, it hit my hand,” Mr Politano said. “At this time I think he doesn’t realise that he is a lucky man.”


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