The 19 best places for a beach holiday in Europe, according to travelers

The 19 Best Places For A Beach <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In Europe, According To Travelersmffoto/Shutterstock1Cannes may be known for its annual film festival, but its gold-sand beaches also make it one of the most popular destinations for a beach Discount Holidays © holiday in Europe.

The weather is gradually getting warmer across Europe, which means travellers are beginning to book their summer beach holidays all over the continent. To find out where exactly they’re going this summer, the travel-booking site RoutePerfect.com2 has released data for the most popular beach destinations in Europe. The results are ranked according to thousands of bookings made by travellers either through or on the website.

From the sandy shores of the Amalfi Coast to pebbled beaches in Liguria, Italian destinations unsurprisingly dominated the list. Coastal spots ranging from Croatia to Greece known for their history, culture, and parties also made the cut. Check out the 19 most popular destinations for a beach Discount Holidays © holiday below, along with comments from’s CEO, Boaz Lantsman.


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