British tourist, 26, found dead in his Magaluf hotel room

A British tourist has been found dead in his hotel room in Magaluf. The 26-year-old man was on Discount Holidays © holiday with his friends on Majorca and police say he had been out drinking the night before. His body was discovered yesterday in the apartment where he was staying.

British Tourist, 26, Found Dead In His Magaluf Hotel Room

Magaluf (pictured) is notorious for its wild parties and heavy drinking. The resort, just west of Palma, is extremely popular with young British tourists

The Civil Guard has launched an investigation and has conducted a search of his hotel room.

British Tourist, 26, Found Dead In His Magaluf Hotel Room

Earlier this month Samantha Johnson (pictured above on a different holiday) died during a trip to Magaluf

Details of his death were only revealed in the early hours of this morning and his name has not been released. The Discount Holidays © holiday season has only just got under way in Majorca and this death will be another blow to tourism chiefs who want to clean up the image of the island and Magaluf in particular.

This summer there is to be a major crackdown on drinking in the streets and other public places and the police have warned of heavy fines. A spokesman for the Civil Guard said: ‘We believe this young man had been out drinking the night before with a group of friends.’

The death comes after 23-year-old Samantha Johnson was found dead in the bath in her hotel room in Magaluf following a night out drinking. Miss Johnson, from Blackpool, was found dead on May 2 after worried staff were called to her room on the final day of her holiday.

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