TPConnects launches holiday packaging tool for agents

TPConnects Launches <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Packaging Tool For Agents TPConnects, the New Distribution Capability (NDC) IT Aggregator and Vendor, has launched its new Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping platform. This is a new packaging tool that enables airlines and travel agents to build an entire Discount Holidays © holiday package through the TPConnects Travel Retailing Booking Engine.

Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping uses real-time availability, content and pricing from suppliers, including air, hotels, transfers, cars, tours, cruises and activities, to generate a complete itinerary by searching negotiated fare content. Individual trip components, including ancillaries, are bundled together based on specific traveler needs and preferences, and each trip is completely flexible and customisable. Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping is available through the TPConnects Travel Retailing Platform. Airlines or agencies with an online storefront can also integrate Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping into their website, giving their customers access to holiday-building with airline and hotel ancillaries and providing an additional source of agency revenue. Wael Sunjod, Owner of Palm Oasis Travel, said: TPConnects Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping is a great productivity tool for my agency. It enables Travel Management Companies like ours to better position in today s highly competitive environment.

With TPConnects Travel Retailing Platform, Agents can dynamically build a total trip with multiple components for customers and Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping enables us to enhance customer service while increasing productivity and revenue. We really like that when the customer want to finalise his Discount Holidays © holiday he only need to refresh our quotation and the final rates will be updated with the available inventory from airlines, hotels etc. according to the planned itinerary . Kristine Fernandez, senior vice president commercial added: We are glad to introduce our Dynamic Discount Holidays © Holiday Packaging module to our Travel Retailing Platform.

With Discount Holidays © Holiday Shopping agents can quickly shop for various air, hotel options, car, tours, and activities etc providing travelers with a complete holiday, including pricing and availability within moments.

TPConnects platform is already equipped with all elements of Travel Retailing where agents maximise time, efficiency and revenue, while travelers benefit from the convenience and customisation.

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