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Learn, earn, and have fun with three new experiences on Bing

Who doesn t love a trivia challenge or a flash poll on a hot-button issue? According to Social Media Today’s1 survey of 2016 content marketing trends, consumers love to engage with quizzes, games, and polls. In fact, quizzes and polls were the most-shared content type on Facebook in 2015. Over the past year, the Bing team has launched several new experiences designed to deliver on our promise to delight and surprise while providing opportunities to learn. In late May, we made one of the more signficant changes to our homepage since Bing launched in 2009, by transforming homepage hotspots into homepage trivia.

Now when you visit, you ll see a graduation cap icon. Hover over it, and the first question about the image of the day appears.

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

Choose an answer and you ll find out whether you guessed correctly.

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

Complete the three-question quiz, and you ll get a score you can share on your fave social media site or you can keep going with the quiz fun by taking quizzes from previous days.

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

We re just a month out from the launch of the feature, but we ve seen a more than 65 percent increase in engagement with the cap icon than we saw with hotspots. We ll continue to update the design of the homepage quiz as we get feedback, but we re excited about the ways we continue to evolve the homepage experience and inspire our audience to learn about and explore the natural world.

Weekly Trends Quiz

An addition you may have noticed over the past few months is the weekly trends quiz, which is published in the Popular Now carousel that strip of images at the bottom of the Bing homepage every Friday. That s when you can test your news smarts and see how closely you ve been following Popular Now on the homepage during the week. On average, more than 80 percent of users who start the quiz finish all seven questions, which tells us that users enjoy knowing what to talk about at the water cooler and that they re paying attention to what s running in Popular Now.

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

The best part? Sharing your results:

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

The second-best part? You can retake the news quiz until you like your score.

Rewards led the way

Rewards members know that twice a week, they can take a three-question quiz while earning credits on topics ranging from seasonal themes and Discount Holidays © holiday fare to historical and pop culture events.

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

Launched in January of 2015, Bing Rewards quizzes were the signal we needed to continue experimenting with targeted, high-impact content experiences 78 percent of Rewards quiz takers complete quizzes, which told us that the motivation to compete was high. What we didn t know was which topics would engage. We ve learned through the trends quiz that news a combination of both serious and silly stories is the right mix. Our homepage image is a source of inspiration for millions and a great visual entrypoint to learn more about the world. We re betting on the quiz format as the means of driving deeper exploration and serendipitous discovery.


We re really excited about these, one of our newest features. Polls give our users and fans a chance to weigh in on current events and trending topics. For example, the killing of Harambe, a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, after a child fell into his enclosure, drove impassioned debates, online and off and resulted in one of our most-engaging polls to date.

Learn, Earn, And Have Fun With Three New Experiences On Bing

We ve also used polls to get a read on what our users were getting mom for Mother s Day and whether they spent more on her than dad when Father s Day rolled around. We re still working on the right formula, and will continue to iterate and improve our experiences over time. As always, we welcome your feedback on Bing Listens (https://binglistens.uservoice.com2).

Kristen Kennedy, Senior managing editor, and Vinay Krishna, Senior Program Manager


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Mark Cavendish focused on reaching Paris despite Olympics looming

The Dimension Data sprinter says he’ll be looking to contest the final Tour de France sprint in Paris, but says he can’t afford to get sick after the race like last year

Mark Cavendish Focused On Reaching Paris Despite Olympics Looming

Mark Cavendish1 says that he is focused on racing the Tour de France2 until the final day in Paris even with the Olympics3 looming six days after the race finishes.

The Manxman and his Dimension Data4 team met with the press today, two days before the race kicks off in Mont-Saint-Michel. He says that the 2016 Tour route5 features five to six possibilities for a sprint finish and he wants his chance to win.

>>> Tour de France 2016: Key info, route, contenders6

I m not coming to the Tour de France planning to stop, Cavendish explained. This is my 10th Tour de France start, every time I stopped, it s been for different circumstances, so you never know the circumstances to it. Cavendish acknowledged that riding the whole Tour can take it s toll in the weeks following the race, which he said he can t allow to happen and impact on his Olympics.

The thing is I was in bed for a week after the Tour de France last year, he said. I got sick. I know I can t afford to do that this year.

Definitely, though, the biggest stage in the world is the Champs- lys es7 for a sprinter. I know that my eight teammates are going to do the best to get to Paris and I m going to try to do my best to get to Paris.

Mark Cavendish Focused On Reaching Paris Despite Olympics Looming

Mark Cavendish placed sixth in the opening roud of the men s omnium: the scratch race. Cavendish won selection last week to race the Omnium for Great Britain8 in Rio de Janeiro only a few weeks after the Tour finishes. Former cycling technical director, Shane Sutton said that riding all the way to Paris would not be ideal for the Olympics. He spent all season tuning his body to be ready for his goals in the Tour and in the Olympics, however. Cavendish has popped in and out of select road and track events, including World Cups and the World Championships9.

It s been completely different.

I ve had a pretty track focused build-up, I used a lot of racing to build my endurance, he added.

I really don t know how it will be. It could be the best thing I ve done, it could be the worst thing I ve done!

I definitely made every single minute of every day count this year. I m not coming to the Tour just to dick about, I m coming here to represent Dimension Data and to raise awareness for Qhubeka, and get some success for my teammates. Cavendish explained to that there are a fair few, about five or six stages that will realistically end in a full bunch sprint. The race, though, has evolved since he first started winning in 2008.

In 2008, there was 18 category climbs. Last year, it was that number in the last week. It s been increasing since 2008, every year more and more.

It cuts down the pure bunch sprints, said Cavendish.

Watch: Tour de France 2016 preview The sprinters

There are also a lot more GC contenders than ever. That makes it harder, they are there in the sprints. You saw that in the Crit rium du Dauphin , Chris Froome10 in the sprint boxing it around.

They have to mix it in the first days. It s not often I tangle with Simon Gerrans in the first day, but he has to be up there on that day to try to get the yellow jersey later.

Those GC guys and our lead-out guys are coming back at us in the last three kilometres as we move up. It adds up to be half the peloton you are negotiating around in the final kilometres just to be able to sprint.

Cavendish is the Tour s most successful sprinter in history, with 26 stage wins, including one from last year s race. If he can win on Saturday, he will wear the yellow jersey for the first time in his career. In the last two opportunities he had in Corsica in 201311 and Harrogate in 201412, crashes spoiled his chance to wear the Tour s prestigious leader s jersey.


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Exclusive: Inside citizenM Tower of London, Tower Hill’s coolest new hotel

Some new hotels change the landscape of a city (Shangri-La, at The Shard1, in London, for instance). Others change our perceptions of hotel architecture (the Me London2 at Aldwych with its cavernous Norman Foster-designed atrium). When citizenM (sic) opens its second property in London on July 11 it will transform Tower Hill.

The area around the underground station has never been a place of great beauty, bristling with Brutalist Seventies concrete buildings, fronted by a busy dual carriageway, and usually crowded with confused-looking tourists. The new eight-storey limestone and glass hotel, constructed directly above the station, will change that.

Exclusive: Inside CitizenM Tower Of London, Tower Hill's Coolest New Hotel citizenM Tower of London is the Dutch chain’s third property in Britain. Credit:

Not only is the Dutch chain s eighth hotel worldwide and third in Britain alongside citizenM Bankside3 and citizenM Glasgow4 contemporary and buzzy, but it has what are possibly the best outdoor views of any hotel in the capital. From the top-floor balcony, which extends from the double-height cloudM bar, guests can see not only views of the Tower of London, but the Cheesegrater, The Gherkin, The Shard, Tower Bridge and, in the distance, Canary Wharf.

If you are going to build a hotel right next to one of the capital s most iconic historic buildings, with extraordinary architecture all around, you might as well make the most of it, said Robin Chadha, who created citizenM with his father, Rattan, the former CEO of the fashion company Mexx. Inside, the scenery is of a very different kind: fun and characterful but still homely , as COO Michael Levie describes it.

Exclusive: Inside CitizenM Tower Of London, Tower Hill's Coolest New Hotel The hotel has what are possibly the best outdoor views of any hotel in the capital. Credit:

Walls are lined with trademark floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stocked with coffee-table books, sculptures and souvenirs that celebrate Britain (toy Morris Minors, miniature postboxes and vintage cricket bats) as well as large pieces of contemporary art.

Highlights include a new work by Julian Opie, a digital interactive display by Dominic Harris and a kinetic light installation of 14 kinetic metal flowers that float up and down in the atrium (a smaller version of which is in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) from Dutch design duo Studio Drift. While the make-up of the 370 bedrooms are identical to those in the chain s eight other hotels, and the living rooms are furnished with similar pieces from Vitra, Verner Panton, Charles and Ray Eames and Jean Prouv , the new London hotel includes several innovations. At the entrance is the first coffeeM bar ( 50,000 people use the Tube station every day, so we thought we might as well offer great coffee, Rattan explains).

Exclusive: Inside CitizenM Tower Of London, Tower Hill's Coolest New Hotel Walls are lined with bookshelves stocked with coffee-table books, sculptures and British souvenirs. Credit:

There s also the first collectionM shop, selling items from citizenM sheets and pillows to watches, design books and rubber ducks. And of course, there s the new cloudM bar on the top floor, alongside eight meeting rooms, with spectacular views.

When the hotel opens, Rattan admits they may have to limit the top-floor space at first to guests only. I ve been to London hundreds of times, and never seen a view like this before, he says. So, yes, I suspect it s going to be popular.

Given rooms will range from just 109 to 269, it will be worth making bookings now.

(Citizen.com5; 020 3519 4830)

Exclusive: Inside CitizenM Tower Of London, Tower Hill's Coolest New Hotel

The best budget hotels in London


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