‘A tiny alright looking painting that you have seen a thousand times’: Reddit users reveal their most overrated tourist attractions including the Mona…

  • Redditors were asked to name the most ‘overrated’ site they have visited
  • Times Square was called a ‘cesspool’ that is filled with obnoxious people
  • Other attractions criticised include Bondi Beach and Bourbon Street



With so much to see and so little time, tourists need to be smart and organised when they visit a city such as London or New York. For every must-see attraction, every destination has a list of landmarks, museums or areas that are a waste of time. While there may be some disagreement, Reddit users have offered their wisdom while revealing the world’s most overrated tourist attractions – naming places such as New York s Times Square as a ‘cesspool’, London s M&M World as expensive and Sydney s Bondi Beach as a tourist trap.

Times Square, New York

Visitors to New York’s Times Square complained of mascots who ask tourists to pay for photos

Reddit users complained about the ‘terrible’ mascots who try to charge visitors for photos

With Times Square crowded with tourists, locals say it’s a nightmare to pass through on their commute

Thanks to its bright lights and annual New Year s Eve celebration, Times Square is a magnet for visitors from around the world. But visitors who leave less than impressed are put off by the mob of people, including pushy touts dressed as Elmo, Iron Man or Minnie Mouse. One Reddit1 user wrote: Times Square is cool for all of 30 seconds until you realize how crowded it is and how obnoxious everybody there is.

There s just a bunch of chain stores and people in creepy a** discount costumes selling pictures, and there s not much else to do.

The user added: I suggest going to Times Square at midnight though. They show animations from artists in the city on every screen as part of the Times Square Art project. Another user added: It s a cesspool and the mascots are terrible, but I have to agree that late at night the sheer brightness, spectacle and scale of it is pretty impressive. Bondi Beach, Sydney

Sydney’s most famous beach is a popular place to play in the waves or relax in the golden sand

Thousands of holidaymakers flock to Sydney s most famous beach to play in the waves or work on their tan.

Locals say that takes the shine off of it. One user wrote: I haven t travelled much but in Sydney Bondi Beach is a very okay beach, and it is always SUPER crowded in the summer. It s way less fun to swim there compared to a beach where you have room to enjoy yourself. Another wrote: I m pretty sure it only exists to serve as a tourist magnet.

M&M’s World, London

The M&M’s World in London’s Leicester Square was the first in Europe when it opened five years ago

Europe s first M&M’s World opened in London s Leicester Square in 2011 after locations were opened in the US, including Times Square. Tourists seem to love it, and that leaves Londoners puzzled. A Redditor wrote: Every single tourist has a bag from there, they don t even sell the unusual flavours of M&M, just the usual UK packets of peanut and solid chocolate.

I just don t understand it. Another user added: I was literally there just a few days ago with someone who had come to tour London. We hadn t decided to go in there, but we were just passing through Leicester Square and saw it and went in.

It was packed. And everything was stupidly expensive. I also can t understand why anyone would want M&M merchandise, makes no sense whatsoever.

Mona Lisa, Paris

A Reddit user was taken to task after writing that the Mona Lisa was ‘a tiny alright looking painting’

The Reddit user complained that the Mona Lisa, a masterpiece on display at the Louvre, is overrated

On display in the Louvre, the Mona Lisa is hailed as a masterpiece, but it failed to bring a smile to the faces of some tourists who had to wade through a mob of holidaymakers just to see it.

A tiny alright looking painting that you have seen a thousand times that you are a few feet away from, wrote one user. But others took that user to task. One wrote: Alright, I’ll be the one to defend it. It is an undisputed masterpiece. It is worth looking at.

It is not the greatest painting ever that will change your life (which is what a lot of people might expect given its reputation). Hollywood, California

Like Times Square, visitors to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood are approached by touts dressed in costumes

It s famed for its famous hillside sign and celebrities, but tourists moan about the high prices and dirty streets. One user wrote: It s a dirty tourist trap IMO. There s a few good bars and music venues but if you re not into the scene you won t like it.

And you ll pay out the a** to stay there and you re far from the beach, the mountains, Disneyland, basically all the good stuff nearby.

A fellow user wrote: Hollywood is disgusting. Hollywood Boulevard is like some crazy dark alley way filled with hustlers trying to scam people out of money, drug addicts and transients. Madame Tussauds, London

Waxworks museum Madame Tussauds in London features a likeness of US President Barack Obama

Visitors will queue for a long time to enter this attraction, but some Redditors said it wasn t worth it. One wrote: You re in a city filled to the brim with history and culture and free museums, but you d rather wait in line for hours and pay a fortune to go see a mannequin of Justin Bieber?

Another Redditor complained about the quality of the waxworks, adding: Ugh, we went to London with my mother s friend and her daughter for Thanksgiving, and everyone wanted to go to Madame Tussauds, so we did.

It wasn t crowded, and we had gotten a deal for like half off tickets, yet I still felt ripped off just by being there.

I mean, Obama didn t even look like him. Manneken Pis, Brussels

A crowd gathers around the Manneken Pis statue – a bronze sculpture of a boy urinating – in Brussels

Reddit users revealed they were disappointed with the bronze sculpture of a boy urinating into a fountain basin. Despite the crowd that gathers in front of it, you can blink and miss it, apparently.

A Redditor wrote: It s, just as expected, a funny looking fountain and nothing more. And it s so small we passed it a few times before we finally saw that disappointment. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Every day, tourists visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and pretend they’re holding it up or pushing it over

This landmark in Pisa is in many cheesy Discount Holidays © holiday snaps, and it s grating on the nerves of those who resist the temptation to pretend they re holding it up.

Hundreds of people on the grass all posing as if they’re trying to hold it up? That doesn’t get old? wrote one user.

Another added: If I’m ever there, I’ll take a picture that makes it look like I knocked it over. Is that slightly less lame? A Redditor responded: No, people do that just as much.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Revellers drink and dance on Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter as people watch from a balcony

Known for its debaucherous Mardi Gras celebration, Bourbon Street is in New Orleans French Quarter. Redditors complained of being overcharged for booze and harassed by vendors. One wrote: The bars are all overpriced, you re surrounded by shills trying to get you to come into this overpriced strip club or pay too much for that hat or whatever, and the whole street reeks of p***. Constantly.

They suggested people visit it for an hour just to appreciate what else is on offer in the Big Easy. A fellow Redditor added: I live in Baton Rouge and trips to NOLA are relatively common for me. You hit the nail on the head.

Even if it hasn’t rained in three months there’s still liquid all over the street and sidewalks. Don’t wear your best shoes.


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