Best value foreign holiday destination has been revealed by travel experts

Travel experts have calculated the total cost of a foreign Discount Holidays © holiday including everything from flights to cocktails – and revealed the best value destination1 to be Bangkok. At just 838 per week, including hotel accommodation, flights, and a city tour, the Thai capital is the cheapest of our most popular summer Discount Holidays © holiday destinations. Alicante in the south of Spain follows as the second best value, totalling 880 for a week.

Travel search engine assessed all the costs of a Discount Holidays © holiday for the top 10 most searched destinations and came up with a special formula to calculate the price of a week s stay. This takes into account average costs for return flights, a one week stay in a three-star hotel, a week s car hire, daily meals, one city or museum tour, three cocktails, and even a novelty souvenir.

Getty Best Value Foreign <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Destination Has Been Revealed By Travel Experts Bangkok in Thailand is the best value places to go on holiday

Seven of the ten most popular destinations are either in Spain or the USA, yet the cheapest place to go is where the pound stretches the furthest – in Bangkok, Thailand. Looking closer to home, Spain offers some of the most popular and cheapest destinations – with the average cost of a week s stay in Alicante 880.

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Brits wanting to go on a road trip should also consider heading to Spain, as Alicante, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga offer the lowest prices on hire cars. A week s vehicle hire ranges from 89 in Alicante to 109 in Barcelona. Looking at 3-star hotel rates alone, a week s stay in Bangkok is by far the cheapest, costing 234 – 79 per cent less than the equivalent in New York ( 1123).

Getty Best Value Foreign <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Destination Has Been Revealed By Travel Experts Alicante is the second best value for money

Closer to the UK, a one week stay in a 3-star hotel in Palma de Mallorca is a more affordable option, with an average price of 547. Travellers who want to stay in a 4-star hotel will again get the best value in Bangkok – where a one week stay costs 387. The research by KAYAK4 , which offers users the ability to search and compare Discount Holidays © holiday activities, also revealed where it s cheapest to eat out.

Three days of lunch and dinner meals cost an average of just 39 in Bangkok. Unsurprisingly, New York has the most expensive meal prices, with three days of lunch and dinner costing 135. The results reveal that souvenirs have similar prices across destinations, with Faro the most expensive, where a fridge magnet costs an average price of 5.

Loella Pehrsson, KAYAK5 Regional Director UK, Ireland & the Nordics said: It is incredible to see that it is cheaper to stay a whole week with onsite expenses in Bangkok than booking a 3 night hotel stay in London.

With this study at , we wanted to show to British travellers where they can go this summer based on what they are looking for

Best value Discount Holidays © holiday destinations

  1. Bangkok
  2. Alicante
  3. Faro
  4. Palma de Mallorca
  5. Malaga
  6. Barcelona
  7. Orlando
  8. Toronto
  9. Los Angeles
  10. New York


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