Forget retail therapy!

Taking a holiday will give you the biggest high (and even short breaks can boost your mood)

  • Forget the gym and the mall, travel is officially the best mood enhancer
  • A new survey tested American’s reactions to mood boosting activities
  • For both men and women romantic holidays make them happiest




Feeling grumpy? Book a holiday.

Sorry retail therapy you just got trumped, as a new survey reveals that more than exercise and shopping, a Discount Holidays © holiday is the top mood enhancer.

This follows recent proof that a vacation is good for the body and the brain.

Forget the treadmill, a getaway can be the most effective way to boost your mood revealed a new American survey

A recent American report confirmed that over half of people get more of an emotional kick from going away, whether it was for a short or long haul, to see their friends or as a romantic date, than any other activity.

Both men (38 per cent) and women (34 per cent) gained the most pleasure from a romantic break, revealed the Priceline1 audit.

Though they say family holidays are stressful, 33 per cent of participants found this to be their favourite route to happiness.

While men and women agreed that romantic breaks are the best, 33 per cent of participants said family holidays were their favourite mood enhancer

Even though a long break sounds like the best way to de-stress, any time out of the normal routine has an effect. So don’t dismiss a weekend city break just yet.

Going against the idea that taking lots of short breaks is stressful, four out of five Americans would prefer multiple short getaways to one extended vacation. Now that local flights are cheaper and jumping between destinations is less hassle, up to 44 per cent would ideally take three to four trips throughout the year, while 10 per cent said that they would keen to have seven or more mini holidays.


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