Slovenia Tourist Board appoints new head

The Slovenian Tourist Board has appointed Mladen Ljubisic as its new head of tourism UK and Ireland. Ljubisic will continue the Tourist Board s promotion of Slovenia in the UK with a strong focus on travel trade, complimented by marketing and communications campaigns. A new UK and Ireland strategy is currently being implemented by Ljubisic, which will aim to have a stronger focus on travel trade, with tour operator and agent management playing a very prominent role.

It will also ensure that Slovenia s reputation and identity continues to grow as one of Europe s most tourist-friendly, green and sustainable destinations, putting responsible tourism at the heart of the marketing agenda. The Slovenian Tourism Board has also placed emphasis on positioning itself as one of the EU’s leading eco and green tourism countries after the capital, Ljubljana, was awarded the EU Green Capital for 2016. The city will host the Global Green Destinations Day, a two-day conference on September 27 and 28.

The three core objectives that Ljubisic has pinned down for this new role are:
– Connecting and creating a new tour operator travel agent system;
– Providing a better understanding of online travel trade for new trade partners
– Continuing to build Slovenia s appeal to UK consumers through ongoing marketing and PR campaigns. – TradeArabia News Service

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