Travel boss: Odds are holiday prices would rise 10% post Brexit

By Vicki Owen For The Mail On Sunday1

Published: 16:16 EST, 4 June 2016 | Updated: 16:16 EST, 4 June 2016

No free ride: Ross Marshall, with jockey Frankie Dettori, expects France to push for high tariffs if Britain votes to quit EU

The entrepreneur behind a group of online travel firms including YourGolfTravel, Racingbreaks and Spabreaks, has claimed leaving the EU would force him to put up prices and could put jobs at risk. Ross Marshall, whose Palatinate Group is expected to turn over 100million this year and which has 240 staff, said: I believe leaving would result in higher Discount Holidays © holiday prices likely over 10 per cent for flights and travel around Europe, depending on a new trade agreement, taxes and levies.

‘We would have to raise prices to recoup costs during a transitional period if Britain leaves the EU. It s highly likely this would be compounded by a falling pound.

I wouldn t be surprised if the French government wanted high trading tariffs if we left.

He added: Brexit could put jobs at risk within our organisation, as well as affecting the growth of the company and broader economy.

‘We have a rich and diverse workforce within our group with staff from Poland, France and Lithuania to name a few.

‘I worry how Brexit would affect our talent pool. Marshall admits there are disadvantages to EU membership but said: The risk of the unknown does not outweigh possible benefits . Frankie Dettori, who was riding in the Derby yesterday at Epsom Downs Racecourse, is Racingbreaks brand ambassador .

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