Want to holiday like a billionaire?

How it would take the average worker 21 YEARS to afford a yachting trip taken by the likes of Sir Philip Green

  • The average billionaire’s break costs 136,236 with spending less than that
  • A trip like Sir Philip Green’s break in Monaco can cost 600,000 on a yacht
  • Despite being the world’s richest man, Bill Gates is not the biggest spender




If you’re dreaming about holidaying like a billionaire and you earn an average salary – you’ll need to save for a very long time. Splashing out for a luxurious trip to Monte Carlo in Monaco in the style of Sir Philip Green could set you back around 600,000 – an astounding figure that would take the average person 21 years to save for, if they didn’t spend any money at all, research by a money saving website has revealed. If you’re feeling more frugal, you can also travel to Ranch Santa Fe in the US like Bill Gates at a cost of 35,586, which for some is doable in just a year of saving.

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Stunning scenery: A view of Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco, which sits 4,300 feet above sea level, as the sun sets behind the magnate’s giant infinity pool

Sir Richard Branson spends more than the average billionaire on his breaks to Tamadot, Morocco, which costs an estimated 151,954

When the New York former mayor Michael Bloomberg wishes to escape, he heads for his historic house in London

Expert Market estimated the cost of a Discount Holidays © holiday taken by 10 billionaires around the world to see how much they spend on one trip. Using those figures, they also looked at how long it would take the average person to earn enough money to pay for that one break and how many package holidays they can go on instead. The package Discount Holidays © holiday in this case is a seven-night Thomas Cook break for two in Majorca in April 2017, including flights and accommodation.

Given the amount of wealth that the billionaires have, their Discount Holidays © holiday styles are startlingly different, and some appear to be almost affordable. Splashing out for a luxurious trip to the south of France on a yacht like Sir Philip Green (pictured centre) could set you back around 600,000

No one would be surprised to learn that one of the world’s richest men, Larry Ellison, has an impressive real estate portfolio including a pad (pictured) along Malibu’s Carbon Beach, one of the most exclusive enclaves in the world

The most economical Discount Holidays © holiday on the list that was taken by hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, who went to Florida and splashed out 20,520. Considering he is worth about 5.2billion according to figures from Forbes, the Discount Holidays © holiday is relatively frugal.

But even so, the average person has to work nine months to afford the break, which costs the equivalent of nine package holidays. Even though Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, he only spent around 35,586 on his break. The average worker needs to save for a year, without spending anything, in order to afford his Discount Holidays © holiday to Rancho Santa Fe – or they could take 16 trips to Majorca instead.

He might be the world’s richest man but Bill Gates is not the biggest spender when it comes to holidays

When Bill Gates isn’t in his 50,000-square-foot home overlooking Lake Washington, he holidays at his home in his equestrian estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California (pictured)

Expert Market also found that the average billionaire’s Discount Holidays © holiday costs 136,236, nearly 5 times the annual salary of an average UK worker. Sir Richard Branson is certainly spending more than the average billionaire on his breaks to Tamadot, Morocco, which costs an estimated 151,954. For the same amount of money, you could go on 69 week-long breaks to Majorca.

Sir Philip Green will also have driven up the averages significantly as relaxing on board a yacht similar to his would cost a staggering 600,000. An average salaried worker will have to slave away for 21 years while spending no money at all to pay for the luxurious break. Or they can treat themselves to 273 weeks worth of holidays in Majorca.

Frenchman Bernard Arnault who has a hand in Dom Perignon, Luis Vuitton and Hermes knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. For winter pursuits, Arnault is well set, owning the luxury hotel Cheval Blanc in the chic ski resort of Courchevel


Name Discount Holidays © Holiday destination Discount Holidays © Holiday cost Time taken for average worker to afford Discount Holidays © holiday Number of equivalent package holidays Ken Griffin Florida, US 20,520 9 months 9 Larry Ellison Malibu, US 25,770 11 months 12 Bill Gates Rancho Santa Fe, US 35,586 1 year 16 Mark Zuckerberg Kauai, Hawaii 65,023 2 years 30 Roman Abramovich Saint Barth lemy, West Indies 85,739 3 years 39 Michael Bloomberg London, UK 91,088 3 years 41 Bernard Arnault Courchevel, France 124,387 4 years 57 Richard Branson Tamadot, Morocco 151,954 5 years 69 Yuri Milner Los Altos Hills, US 162,292 6 years 74 Philip Green Monte Carlo, Monaco 600,000 21 years 273

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