Teen trespassers at disused hotel destroying furnishings

Teenagers trespass the abandoned Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Hotel site in Sliema every day and have been even caught on camera throwing furniture from the balconies. The disused Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Hotel in Sliema is again attracting teenage trespassers who have now resorted to throwing furniture and glass from the balconies to the alarm of neighbours. Readers flagged the trespassing when spotting a group of teenagers walking around the abandoned rooms, destroying furnishings, and even tossing out furniture or glass over the balustrades.

Neighbours annoyed by the daily occurrence are also fearing arson. One reader has forwarded photos of the trespassers to the police. Neighbours are fearing arson

Concern about trespassers was already raised last year by a reader who in a letter said the place had been left abandoned, still fully furnished, for some seven or eight years.

He had noted that the hotel was in a state of disrepair and teenagers were messing around on site at night. Part of the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Hotel site is incorporated in the proposed development of a 40-storey hotel at Fort Cambridge. When contacted, owners Gap Holdings, who are also the developers of the adjacent Fort Cambridge, said that in line with the law, the site was closed off by an eight-course boundary wall.

As it transpired that this was not enough, immediate action was being taken so that the boundary walls were raised even higher to discourage trespassing.

The police have been asked whether they were aware of the trespassing, and what action was being taken, but no replies were given by the time this newspaper went to print.

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